Friday, July 31, 2009

"Q" is for Queen

Deetz Media proudly presents the 5 queens of Russia.

5- The obvious queens (also know as Czarinas) They are the female versions of the Czars. You can become a Czarinas by two means (Well YOU probably can’t) I should say “One can become a Czarina by two means” Either you can be born a Czarina, like say Catherine the Great, or you can marry into the title, ala Alexandra Fyodorovna (the last Czarina)

4- The beautiful queens. Russia boasts many beauty pageant queens, which are my favorite kind of queens! In recent years those include the lovely Vera Krasova (Top 5 Miss Universe 2008) Sofia Rudieva (this year’s Miss Universe contestant) and a queen fallen from glory- Oxana Fedorova (Dethroned Miss Universe 2002) I’m not sure what she did- but these types of queens often find themselves in trouble….

3- The sweetest queens. Beekeepers were having trouble keeping their bees healthy in the United States and Italy, they were susceptible to two types of disease carrying mites. However “Russian Honey Bees” have been farmed for honey for centuries and were immune to diseases. They were hardy and hard working and produced twice the amount of honey as normal “American” bees too! So Russian Queen Bees were brought over and integrated into Honey Bee farms. Now our honey is sweet and our bees are healthy.

2-The intellectual queens. Russians are famous for being chess masters. I looked up “Russian Chess Players” and there are a lot of them! I know nothing about chess (nor pretend too) I actually don’t even fully understand all the rules in Checkers. But in Russia, chess is important. They are like superstars. You can go to chess school and learn from the greats. You can win a lot of money and most of all a lot of fame. And I do know there are queens in chess.

1-The drama queens. Pushkin (famous poet, author, playwright) wrote a story called “The Queen of Spades” It has been adapted into a play, several films, and an opera. It’s the story of an army officer that harasses an old woman for a secret card strategy that won her a lot of money. When she wouldn’t tell, he confronted her with a gun. The gun scared the old woman to death. It drives the officer to insanity. The thinks her corpse winks at him, he is visited by her ghost that reveals the secret order to play the cards. The follows her instructions and wins the first night and the second. The final night, he thinks he is betting on the ace (as instructed by the old woman) it flips over to reveal the Queen of Spades! He has lost everything AND he believes that the picture of the queen on the card smiles mockingly at him. He ends up in a mental institution, repeating the order of the cards over and over again.

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