Saturday, March 31, 2012

A year and 10 days ago....

I met the second love of my life....It seems like a lifetime ago and just yesterday all at the same time. I can't believe the way he's grown and changed in a two years.
So tiny! I just can't believe how he's grown!

Death stare into the camera.....

When I asked Charlie "who is that??" He said "Baby Jack!"
He was little wasn't he?
Sweet baby boy....

Monday, March 19, 2012


Last Night in the Robot....

My sweet boy, March 2011

My Sweet BIG boy, March 2012
Stay tuned....BIG changes ahead in Charlie's room!

Party Pictures!

Pirate Bunting!

Cute Pirate Gear

Aunt NeNe and Captain Jack

Pirate Cake

Mr. Smee. I mean Dada....

A rare picture of the birthday boy, since
he didn't really care about the party,
just wanted to play outside with his buds!

Jake Cupcakes
Sorry for the lack of pictures! You know how it is...your cooking, mingling, hanging out and POOF! Party is over. But we had a really great time and a BIG thank you to 3 Babas, 3 Dadas and 1 NeNe for making the party a success! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

So I lied...

Finally, a decent picture of the two boys together.
That only took four months, and bribery with chocolate. 
On Thursday night, our friend Dale, who is a music teacher at a local elementary school, got us tickets to see the Aristocats. Jack made it through approximately 2 minutes of said production before the screaming began.
So I went out to the school lobby to change his diaper and heat up a bottle and hopefully sit down and feed him. Yeah....
No Diaper changing tables. No warm water in the sink to bring the bottle to room temperature. No places to sit.
So Jack and I took a little field trip to Publix where I could heat the bottle in the car warmer. So we left Charlie and Chad at the play and off we went.
I was having a moment in Publix, thinking of the days where I could just go and sit and watch a play. Or just sit on the potty without someone banging on the door screaming "Mommmm-eeeeee???? whatcha doing???" When I was approached by a sweet looking young lady, that looked a little desperate. I thought she was going to ask me a grocery related question. Nope. She said, " old is your baby?" I told her almost four months... She asked if she could ask me a few questions, with pleading in her eyes, a look of desperation.
She proceeded to explain her baby was four weeks old and this was her first outing outside the house.
She asked me when he started sleeping through the night..When we started going out and doing things (instead of just sitting at home..I could see it all over her face. She was tired. As tired as me.
I was going to say- well we tried to go to a play tonight....I haven't had an un-interrupted night sleep in four months....I am so tired right now if I put my head down on this grocery cart....I no longer get to get up and go to the kitchen for a drink, my "trips" are strategically planned around someone else's needs.
So I lied...
Instead I said- Oh, it'll get soooo much better in a few weeks! You're almost there! Hang in there mom!
Now I'm starting to question everyone's promises of restful nights....