Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I just gave someone my blog address for "light" adoption reading. I noticed that it's sadly out of date and depressing.
If it were a house it would say "Keep Out" and have broken windows and weeds growing all over it.
But I don't think people read blogs anymore....
But I will never pull the plug on it till someone pries it from my dead lifeless fingers. It's my excuse for not keeping baby books, that and its a perfect little time capsule of our stories. Where we shouted from the rooftops when we met Charlie and whispered in the darkness when we thought we lost him. Where we experienced an earthquake and learned of a baby brother. It's sadness and perfection all rolled up into 581 ramblings of this crazy woman who is now crazier with a seven and three year old in the house.
So, hello blogsphere. I'm just checking in!