Sunday, April 15, 2012

I drawing Mama!

A tip for all parents and future parents. When your child comes to you and says "I drawing!" Stop what you are doing, smile and say show me honey! If they can't bring you a piece of paper ask them to take you to their drawing.
So, I am working on the re-adoption process for Charlie. (more on that later....) Charlie and I are at the church making 10 zillion photocopies. Charlie is walking around with our church custodian changing out trash bags. (The child still LOVES to clean!) When he changes our church secretary's bag, she pays him two quarters. Pretty decent pay, huh?
Next stop, the law firm where I use to work to get some documents notarized. I should tell you at this point, my old firm is in a beautiful downtown building. It is decorated very nicely and they do a great job with upkeep. Just keep that in mind. Charlie is being so good. We've already made passport photos, copied and sorted and he is quietly rolling his quarters around the desks and carpet. He scoots further and further away from me, but I can still hear him and every two seconds he comes back to the desk and says "I drawing mama!" I keep telling him "Good job baby! Keep working!" Sign, notarize, "I draw good mama!" "Ok sweetheart, we're almost done! Keep drawing!"
THEN....a co-worker comes around the corner and says...."Uh, Sarah?? You should come see this."
I turn the corner to see markings all over the wall and white glossy door. I almost threw up. I mean ALL over the wall and door. Grey markings....NO....gasp....could they be scratched into the finish? Oh my gosh. Charlie beams "See mama, I draw!!!"
Apparently, also for your future reference, quarters and I'm assuming other coins, will make a mark on painted finishes. Oi.
So I panic for a few minutes then run for some Clorox Wipes and start rubbing. Thank HEAVEN it comes out of the door with a little elbow grease. The wall fades to a faint mark that could have been made by any run away cart or binders.
Just a lesson learned my friends, a lesson learned.

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