Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy!

I can't believe our little peanut is a year old. Time passes us by so quickly, even though tough days have the illusion of going by so slowly. (Is it bedtime yet?!?!?)
My screen saver at work is compiled of thousands of family snapshots. When the boys pop up from even a few months ago, I marvel at how fast they grow and change.
J has quite the personality. It's so funny the way his sense of humor is already evident. It's funny to me that even though he can't quite walk, his favorite activity is wrestling and climbing. He is all boy through and through. He loves his big brother. The way he looks at him is really something to behold. Even though he can't speak words of adoration, it is so clear in the way he looks at him. The same goes for when mommy or daddy come home. His little eyes sparkle and his eight little teeth break out in the widest grin.
Any time he hears applause he starts clapping. One hand turn correctly and the other slapping the opposite side, like he's giving himself a little hand spanking. 
Any day now I am waiting for him to start running. He lets go of the wall or furniture, takes one step, then crumbles into the ground and right into a "speed crawl". As if he is thinking about walking, changes his mind and says "crawling is waaay faster and waaay safer, I think I'll go with that!"
He is mimicking up a storm. His favorite word is "done!" (Other than Mama, of course....)
He eats anything and everything. More than his big brother on some days. So far his favorite dinner is salmon and cous-cous. I mean what baby do you know that spits out babyfood and thinks cous-cous with onion, garlic and tomatoes is the best thing ever?? After every bite you get a "Mmmmm!!!!" from him, which has really boosted my cooking self esteem.

I am so thankful to be a Mama to such an amazingly brilliant little guy. I don't know what we ever did to be so blessed, but whatever it is I tell God thank you everyday! I love you peanut!

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