Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Here we go!

We're home. Back in our hometown. After 11 years of being away, we're baaaaaaack. It doesn't really feel like home anymore. Traffic. New buildings. New roads. New everything.
The boys and I are living with my parents. Bless their hearts. They retire and within a month we totally invade their lives and space with our two kids, two dogs, too much stuff.
Chad is living with his dad two hours away.
Yes, in case you are wondering- that totally sucks.
This is not an ideal situation. After 13.5 years of marriage we are apart for the first time. We made the decision that until the house sells we are not going to get in over our heads with another mortgage. I am holding out for my beach house. And WE WILL NEVER AGAIN be cut out for apartment life. I don't even want to go there. So for now, we are calling our living arrangements "temporary". PRAYING that the house sells and quickly. We've had three showings in one month. Good feedback, but nothing serious. Will you please pray that our house sells and quickly? I appreciate your prayers more than you will ever know!
So, here we go, another chapter in our lives has just started. The boys are having a blast at the grandparents house. Charlie just sees this as one big vacation so far. So, as long as they are happy and adjusted, I am striving to maintain a good attitude and a positive spirit. Another season in our lives and ministry.
Stay tuned for exciting changes in our household! Here we go!

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  1. We had to live in an apartment for awhile. I HATED it. I didn't call it temporary, I called it camping!