Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Out of control!

Well, it's official I've been out of control for a year. A year ago today Chad and I anxiously turned in our application to our adoption agency and the fun began. I think God had a funny way of marking this anniversary of him being in control (and not me) this morning as I drove to work.
So I was taking a "short cut" through a neighborhood this morning on my way to work because the light I usually make a right hand turn at was backed up about a half a mile. So sometimes when this happens I turn right into a neighborhood and avoid "waiting my turn" at the light with no turning lane. So off I go (late as usual) as a car approaches in the opposite direction. I move over a bit to stop taking my half of the middle when I hit it. A huge patch of ice. It's then I realize that one of the houses must have had a water main break or a sprinkler issue because the street from that point on is one giant sheet of black ice. I swerve and miss the car as I fishtailed. I thought it was over. I hit another patch and start to spin. Once all the way around, then twice. I am now facing oncoming traffic. It's funny all this happens so fast yet in slow motion at the same time. I tap the breaks and quickly remember I'm not suppose to do that. I don't fight it. My car finishes spinning and I realize I am in this guy's yard, like IN HIS YARD. About a foot in front of me is his mailbox. A foot behind me is a telephone pole. I have NEVER been able to parallel park, but this was THE MOST perfect parallel parking job you have ever seen. It was like a stunt driver move and the funny thing is I didn't do a darn thing. I just sat back, stunned. I would like to say I cried out to God, but that would be a lie because I was thinking a VERY bad word at the time all this was happening. (Hint: First you say it, then you do it)
So, fortunately, God pointed me out in the right direction as I was facing the opposite direction I had wanted to go and the road I should have been on the whole time was right in front of me. If only I hadn't been so darn impatient.
So on this year anniversary lessons learned:
1-God is in control
2-I am not
3-I obviously freeze under pressure so it's a good thing I'm not in control anyway.
4-Waiting (in traffic or say...for a baby) is not the worst things in the world. It sure beats spinning out of control or waiting for well, nothing.
5- It's not really a shortcut if you have to go home and change your shorts.


  1. That's a very excellent comparison!

  2. Oh my baby scared me! I just praise God that you are safe and that HE is in control! God will place your baby in just the right place (like where He parellel parked your car) and you will know that the child He has planned for you will be in the right place and at the right time. BE CAREFUL, I love you, Momma

  3. Wow Sarah, that was scary! I am glad you were okay! I agree with Barb- great comparison!

  4. WOW - very scary. So happy you are ok!