Saturday, February 6, 2010


When we enter our house, I take the garage (via keypad) and Chad always chooses the front door. I really don't know why. I guess it's a personal preference.
Well Wednesday night I was on the computer and Chad comes in through the front door. "You expecting a package from UPS?" "Uhhhh (scanning my mind....I bought the European surge protector to take with us on our travels the day before, but unless they have MAGICIANS working there, that's way too fast) Sarah "" Chad: "We'll it's from our agency" Hmmmmm......
I've told you before we've been getting "overage" checks when people donate to our adoption now. This goes into our travel account. But they just come in the regular mail. Hmmmm.....
We open it up and it's a money order from them and travel instructions. (Emergency contact numbers, how much to tip, which airport to fly into, etc.) Hmmmmmm.....
No cover letter. Hmmmmm......
Chad makes the observation "the only reason people send money orders is when you don't have time for a check to clear the bank." Hmmmmmm.....
Even though it's late I send our agency a "Do you know something we don't know e-mail" I can't fall asleep that night. What if they got a referral for us and our case manager ordered the "package" to go out from a different department and it just got here quicker than word got to us?" "What if this means we will be traveling, like in 10 days?" Oh my gosh. I have so much to do....
The next day I wait for a reply to my friendly "I promise I'm not annoying email." But WHAT IS GOING ON? Why would you send this now if you didn't know something we didn't know? I mentioned it to my friend Michele. She flips out. "WHY HAVEN'T YOU CALLED THEM!?!?!" Well because I have clients and hate it when they don't believe me when I say "the SECOND I know ANYTHING I will call you." I know our agency wants us to get a referral as much as we want a referral. Well, maybe not, but I'm sure they love telling people they have a baby as much as I love telling people we've got a settlement offer in their case. Everyone likes being the bearer of good news.
So I negotiate with Michele that if I don't hear something by 2:45 I will call.
I e-mail a friend with our same agency. She says they got one too. She thinks AFTER they got a referral.Hmmmm.....
All day long I have butterflies in my tummy. My phone that is now connected to my hip pocket on vibrate has been placed on full volume. I obsessively check my email every 5 minutes.
FINALLY it's 2:45. I place the call. It all builds to this moment........
They haven't heard anything. They HOPE it will be very soon. They don't want to get our hopes up. The money order must be cashed and hand delivered to our facilitator in Russia upon arrival. The travel instructions are well, instructions. She says that most of the time they send that package after you get a referral. So I ask "Why now?". Well, we just want you to be ready.
Is that a code, what am I getting ready for? Like how ready? Like pull the suitcases from the attic ready? Or like where I've lived for the last year, on the verge of ready. Sleeping with one eye open. Grabbing my phone the second it rings kinda ready? There are so many different degrees of ready. I guess I am to be more ready than I was before?
So we leave it on that note. Two words people "Cover letter" that would take a lot of the mystery out of a money order and a cryptic list of 14 digit phone numbers.
Cover letter.


  1. Wow your nerves are being tested... you must be going crazy. I just hate that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling because it's impossible to concentrate on anything else. I think I felt it for the 4 months in between referrals 1 & 2, and the 2 months in between referrals 2 & 3. Ugh. Hang in there. You are so DUE a referral NOW! Your baby needs you and you need your baby! Thinking of you two... praying for your call.

  2. Oh Sarah, this is such a good sign! I'm so hopeful this is your week!! Get ready for your call, it's an experience you will treasure forever!! Praying for you guys!


  3. It's going to be this week...I just know it.

  4. Yipee! That sounds like GREAT news to, why didn't you call your MOTHER!! It's the rule, any even REMOTELY GOOD NEWS OR THE POSSIBILITY OF GOOD NEWS MUST BE REPORTED TO THE GRANDMA IMMEDIATELY! All kidding aside, it sounds like the good news is just around the corner. Love, Momma

  5. Sounds like GREAT news must be on the way!! I'll pray even more for a QUICKER referral!

  6. There's a reason. You KNOW there is. Even if they really don't know it, there's a reason.