Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to vacation (Deetz Style)

You know how regular people might pack up and leave for a trip? Well apparently we are running into a pattern of murphy's law, even when it comes to leisure time.
It turns out, like two months ago, I volunteered to watch my sister's dog this weekend. Forgetting this fact, I just assumed she could watch ours. Oops. So Wednesday night I was thinking we were going have to cancel the trip (Thursday am- Saturday) because of the dogs. (For some crazy reason it's incredibly difficult to get a baby sitter for a Great Dane) I am funny and will not leave our dogs at a kennel. I just can't stand the thought of it. We did it once and I was distraught the whole weekend. So at Wednesday night around 9:00pm, my friend volunteered her husband to stay at our house. So, thanks to Blair, the vacation was salvaged.
So then, I am driving home from church and my car starts to squeal. Oh Boy. We thought it was just needed a new belt.
We took it in first thing in the morning on Thursday, and turns out it wasn't a simple belt. It was the water pump. And the radiator. And the belt. Chad's car doesn't do mountains so we stranded. We decide for the second time to cancel the trip. Turns out, those things are REALLY expensive. We call Carol (who graciously is allowing us to stay in her guest cottage in Blowing Rock to tell her we can't make it. She doesn't take no for an answer. She is going to find a way to get us there, including renting a car or kidnapping us.
Chad calls Brian, his Enterprise pal, and Brian saves the day, we finally get on the road in a big ol' white granny mobile. We wanted to take the scenic route up the Blue Ridge Parkway, but we weren't paying attention and missed our exit. BY 20 MILES.
So at this point (being emotionally unstable) I start to cry. Chad is determined to salvage our vacation and turns around. We finally make it to Blowing Rock, and only 5 hours behind schedule. And boy was it worth every obstacle.....

Thanks Carol and James for a great weekend, we had the best time. Much needed rest, relaxation, and enjoying God's beauty.


  1. Don't forget, my dear...Life is full of little (and big) obstructions that allow us to see God's grace and love at work in and through us.
    Love y'all all the way in South GA,(Remember US?) UBD and Nannie

    BTW, we have two new additions to our clan
    "Ozzie and Harriet" tell you more when you call us to find out...........

  2. Hi Sarah! I know you don't know me, but I started reading your blog back in February, right after we applied to Russia. I was thrilled for you in March, and have been following with you through your heartache ever since. As we left Russia (from our 1st trip) a little over a week ago, I watched the in-flight simulator show that we were flying over Pskov. As we flew over, I shed some tears for you while I prayed for you, Chad, and Charlie. After only being home for 1 week, leaving our boy behind, I can't even imagine how your heart must be hurting. I just asked our ladies group at church to begin praying for your family as well. They have been a huge support for Greg and I, and are big prayer warriors. Keep on, keeping on. And, try to have faith. You have many, many people praying for you...and praying for the judge to have a change of heart so your little boy can come home to his mah-muh and pah-puh. In Christ's Love, Liz

  3. Hi Sarah, Blowing Rock is breathtaking, what a nice get away !!! I understand the issues of finding puppy sitters, but for a Great Dane, I bet that is a challenge. I am glad for you and Chad, that Enterprise came to the rescue. You need those small getaway trips for your sanity. My thoughts are with your family.