Monday, October 18, 2010

So now we wait until.....January?

Yeah! Just in time for Christmas/Winter shut downs and piles of snow in Russia!! (That would be me, dripping with sarcasm.....)

MOSCOW. Oct 4 (Interfax) - A Russian-American child adoption agreement will be signed no later than January 2011, Russian children's rights commissioner Pavel Astakhov said.

"The Russian Foreign Ministry has informed me that the talks are well under way and in their final state. The negotiations are over. I hope the agreement will be signed in December, or, at the latest, in January," Astakhov said at a news conference at the main Interfax office on Monday.
The "technical" signing procedure does not require the presence of the presidents, Astakhov said.
He also said that the bilateral agreement allows Russian citizens to adopt American children, as well.
"I think an American child must be adopted out of principle. A reward must be assigned by some public organizations to those who adopt an American child first," Astakhov said.
Under Secretary for Political Affairs William Burns told Interfax in mid-September that the United States and Russia are in the final stage of the talks on an agreement to regulate child adoption procedures between the two countries.
Both parties are confident that the agreement will serve the interests of the United States and Russia, most important, the interests of children, he said.


  1. What sickens me about all this is the statement that an American child must be adopted by a Russian family "out of principle". How is that serving the best interests of that child? It makes no sense. And the incentives offered...we all know that happens here when incentives are offered and then don't pan out.

    This is ridiculous.

  2. I saw that yesterday. I guess it's good news/bad news. Good news it's around the corner, bad news it's around the corner. My heart goes out to you having to wait so long to get back to your little guy.

    We are traveling in early Nov. to meet a little boy, but will not likely get back for a court date, although the Arkhangelsk region is still going forward with court, until after the agreement is signed. I am hoping the agreement doesn't bring about a round of new required documents!!

  3. Wow Russians can adopt American children! Where in the world did that come from? I can't even imagine that happening. Crazy. I am very curious to see exactly what is in this bilateral agreement.

  4. I hope its at least December (but Novemeber is better and yesterday is best!) and it can get signed and finished once and for all as so many families can hopefully move forward and bring their kiddos home, mainly you guys!!! I know what its like to be stuck waiting for far too long.....its painful and sucks so much joy out of building a family.

  5. Sarah, I put this up on my blog, too. Would you like to be linked?