Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stomp Audition

Singing with my microphone and my guitar,
Oh and of course, with a bag on my head....
 Have you ever seen STOMP? Talented musicians that sing and dance and make music with common household items? Well, it's like STOMP in my house 24/7. Anything and everything is used for making music. First, there is the "costuming". Charlie prefers to begin his routines with fun clothes and a hat. Next, it's the gathering of the supplies-getting his toys that already make music and then the items that add a little flair, you know, like Happy Meal toys and kitchen utensils. Then, the show begins. Singing, dancing, banging. And he takes all of this VERY seriously. You can tell from the look on his sweet little face. He is so animated! When one song is done, he demands "Mama, CLAP". Oh boy. Then the next song begins, and the next, and the next..... He is so cute- if you're ever in town and in the mood for a concert, stop by. My boy LOVES a captive audience!
Xylophone playing my kitchen knives (of course?!?!)

Playing drums on my beanbag chair with a Happy Meal toy. 

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