Saturday, December 3, 2011

Open mouth, insert foot

This is an oldie I never finished, but I thought you would love this! (This is a pre-Jack post as you might be a little confused...)
I was shopping at the grocery store alone on one of those rare occasions and I was standing in line behind someone with a lot of stuff. One of the store employees approached, an older woman, and tried to convince me to switch lines. I told her, really it's fine, my mom was in town and I had a free babysitter! I was just enjoying the silence!
At that point, she asked "an infant?" I guess because I was buying newborn diapers with some stellar coupons. I said "well, we have a three year old, but we are adopting an infant soon"
Preparing myself for "oh that's wonderful..." NOPE.
She asks "from where?" I tell her: "it's a domestic adoption".
At this point she launches into a soliloquy about how she "was so happy it wasn't one of those foreigners" and "what kind of people sell out and forget their own country" and "what did China, Russia, etc. ever do for us?" I just let her go on forever. I mean forever.
When she was done bashing every country under the sun, she said "what does your 3 year old think of all this, is he jealous of sharing?"
I smile and say "well he is the most kind and loving child, he is really doing well with the whole thing. Maybe it's the fact that he's adopted too. FROM RUSSIA." Then it was my turn. I told her a little bit about the orphanage Charlie grew up in. I told her that I was fairly certain that a three month old baby being raised in an orphanage really didn't care about politics or history or hard feelings between our countries. That all he ever wanted was a mama and papa to tuck him in at night. He didn't know about a Cold War or any other war for that matter. He just wants hugs and kisses and a backyard to play in. I told her that orphans from any country were causalities of ignorance, like hers. And unless she had personally visited an orphanage and decided little babies were responsible for the World's woes then her point of view was not valid. Then I turned and started unloading my cart.
I bet she'll think twice before opening her big fat stupid mouth.
Agrhhhh. Meet the Mama Bear. 


  1. Nice work Mama Bear!

    So true, babies have no idea what country they are from...they just want some food, a warm place, love and a few's universal.

  2. Love it!!! I have had so many people comment on how we are not "buying American" makes me so mad. We bring home our princess in 12 days!

  3. Good for you! I think it's great that you confronted her on her incredibly ignorant comment. Rather than open mouth insert foot, I would have titled you post, incredibly ignorant, uninformed and unsolicited opinions from a stranger in the supermarket checkout line.

  4. Ha! Love it!!! Good for you! I hope if I ever encounter anything like that, I have the wits about me to rattle off something eloquent like that!~ ;o)

  5. Good job! I never would have thought clear enough to respond the way you did. Charlie is lucky to have you!

  6. You are an amazing mama, plus I can't believe you can find time to blog anymore! :) I am overloaded with one! I agree with everyone else - wish I had a level head to respond like you did. Way to go!

  7. i almost stood up and cheered after reading this :) Thanks for defending the orphans...and those that are no longer orphans!! :) - kate

  8. AMEN!!! Good for you! I don't think I would have thought that fast!

  9. I freaking love this...I kinda want to post it on my blog. People are jerks and I am happy that you got to put her in her place.

  10. Great comeback, that should teach her!
    Unbelievable how cold and ignorant some people are...

  11. I LOVE you, Sarah!!! Can I share this on my blog?