Monday, June 11, 2012

Resource Giveaway

I've been doing a little spring summer cleaning and have come across some GREAT resources we used in Charlie's adoption. Some were "pre-adoption" preparation, some were "in-country" language guides and a few have been "once you're home" kinda stuff. Only 3 out of the 7 are geared towards Russia specifically, the others cover a broad spectrum of adoption information and topics.
I would really LOVE to give these away to a family who needs them or could use them. We've certainly found them helpful! I personally wish we had the "Little Pim" language videos BEFORE we went to Russia because they are geared towards 0-5 year olds learning Russian and that's about the language skill level I operate on :)
Anyway, just leave me a comment telling me which "prize pack" you are interested in. I'll pick a winner on on June 21st. I'm dividing the drawing into 3 categories because I realize you may be in a different place in the adoption process. If you would like to enter all three categories when please leave three separate comments.
Please feel free to share this on your blog or social media too- I realize I may not have many "Potential Adoptive Parents" as readers any more. Also, maybe you could win them for a friend? Someone thinking about adoption?
Prize Pack #1 "Thinking about Adoption"
The Complete Book of International Adoption by Dawn Davenport
The Complete Adoption Book by Laura & Raymond Godwin

Prize Pack #2 "In the Process or Post Adoption"
The Whole Life Adoption Book by Jayne Schooler & Thomas Atwood
Adoption Parenting (mandatory Christian World Adoption reading, BUT full of useful information) EMK publishing, edited by Jean MacLeod & Sheena Macrae

Prize Pack #3 "The Russian Prize"
Little Pim Video Series, Videos 1: "Eating and Drinking" 2: "Wake up smiling" and 3: "Playtime"
Simple Language for Adoptive Families C.D. Russian by Amy Kendall.
Russian Dictionary and Phrasebook by Erika Haber

 Good luck! As always, if you have ANY questions about International or Domestic adoption, please feel free to contact me! By no means am I an expert, but I know how challenging each can be. At the very least I could offer you encouragement, a listening ear and prayer!


  1. Oh, I would like to win prize pack 3. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. I'm also interested in prize pack #3. We are currently waiting for a referral and can't wait to meet our child.

  3. I'd love #3. We're traveling on the 21st, so if we win and don't respond right away, it's that pesky time change in Russia!!