Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, you may remember my post about the possibility of the return of your original USCIS packet. HERE is the post. If you are a adoptive parent you know what I'm talking about. If you're not the only thing that you need to know is (at least in our case) you are given very little information about your child, then to add insult to injury you are given ONE copy of their new birth certificate and ONE copy of their adoption decree when you leave Russia. That's it. Everything that you know about your child fits into a letter sized envelope. For whatever reason, this makes me sad. I think about all the meticulous documentation that occurred before my first month, not to mention the volumes that were written before my third birthday. Then you look at that envelope, with two pieces of paper and obviously lacking any photographic proof of infancy, first tooth, first step, first haircut and it just makes you want to cry.
Anyway, with the return of this packet, there is rumor of at minimum another set of original documentation, which is not only practical, but enticing as the possibility to double the amount of documentation in your possession. THEN there is the rumors of the hospital records and photographs. Be still my heart.
Well, we were prepared to wait up to two years for the return of this magical packet. Well, on Friday, we got a letter from USCIS. I thought maybe it was a "thank you for your request, we'll be right on that in approximately two years" But instead it said "thank you, but everything in your child's file was a certified COPY of the original document other that the original visa application, which we cannot return to you and must remain in our file." SAD.
They did say I could fill out another form to request "copies of the copies" but really, what's the point in that. I'm going to do it anyway, just for the possibility that they have a copy of something I don't have, but still. SAD.
I hope all you guys who are waiting and filled out the form have better luck and find some real gems in your packet. Ours was a dud.
But, we are still focusing at making new memories and document those wonderful things as they happen!


  1. :o( Bummer! I know you were really looking forward to that! But, you tried!! I'm proud of you for doing it because of the possibilities! But still bummed for you!

  2. Well, at least you know you are adding all kinds of happy and love to those two measely documents. . .someday, books could be written about your little man!! : ) I suppose it's all in what we make of it. I scoured the interenet, library and all of my history books for information about the city my son is from. . .from that, I created a little bit of an enfleshed past. Hopefully, someday I'll find out I was at least partially right!

  3. Oh man. Sorry about that! For some reason, the thing that bothers me for Natalia is that I don't know what time she was born. I don't know why this is the one thing I fixate on when there's SO MUCH that we don't know... Hang in there, momma, and have so much fun making new memories.