Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Boy-isms

"Are you kidding me?" When I say it, it's more of a phrase of disgust, when I drop something and it shatters, when I can't find my keys after searching for them ALL.DAY.LONG. (That is a true story and I'm about to loose my mind....) C prefers it's in it's literal context.
C, it's bath time...
Are you kidding me, mom?

"I can't know" To which I respond, you mean you don't know? Yeah, mom, like I said "I can't know!"
C, what did you have for lunch today?
I can't know, mom.

He is frequently shorting words. I used to be "Mama", now I am "Mom". This works for a lot of words, except "Baba" (his grandma) Whom unfortunately, is now "Bob". 

Tonight, I am standing in the kitchen (looking for my keys...) and C is playing with J in the living room, rolling a ball back and forth. C comes in and says "What mom?" I told him I didn't call him. He says....guess....."Are you kidding me?" No, C. Not kidding you. I didn't say your name. He says "Oh, it must have been my tummy calling my name"
My tummy doesn't call my name, but it does say FEEEED MEEEEE CHOCOLATE!!!

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  1. My little man can call me anything he long as he calls me. Actually, I find it quite funny...Char. I LOVE YOU CHARLIE!