Friday, July 20, 2012


A few months ago we received word that a small orphanage in C's hometown had lost their government funding. Placing them at risk for being shut down- their children would then be transferred to a large facility. ("Large facility" in Russia is NOT a good thing....)
Long story short, it is VERY hard to get funding directly to them. BUT, God's angels are always available, a future adoptive mom was on her way to Pskov to meet her little girl for the first time. In less than a day we were sending Wal-Mart gift cards to "Agent 88" and she bought about $500 in clothing and medication to deliver on her first trip. Well, that about broke her back and her wallet. So THIS time there is an online auction. 100% of the funds will travel in Agent 88's wallet and be used to shop in country. Much better. Right?
So, you may be wondering how you can help. Well, start by bidding on SOME GREAT STUFF!!! Goes live on Sunday. So:
1- Go HERE and bid and bid often! There are some really cool things. And really folks, Christmas is only like 5 months away. And my birthday is only like 3 months away! Buy for yourself or buy gifts. Just buy! Ok?
2- Please re-post this and share this information.
3- Go to the link again HERE and share it on your social media of choice. Please help us get the word out.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Auction starts at 1:00 on Sunday, July 22nd and closes on Sunday, August 5th at 10pm.
Of course there are gift cards for everyone- Wal-Mart, Target, Game Stop...but there are also some beautifully unique items- jewelry, clothing, quilts, etc. Here are some of my favorites:
If I had a daughter of course...

Moleskin Journal with silver charm

Super cute!

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