Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mouse Obsessed!

Upon moving to Florida, my number one priority was to establish Florida residency in order to obtain a Disney annual pass. Hahaha! Seriously, I am addicted to Disney World. I have a problem. Step one is admitting you have a problem, so there. I have a problem. I knew it I had passed my problem onto Jack because whenever we get into the car he would start shouting "MOUSE! MOUSE!" Imagine the confusion this causes in the middle of the grocery store or the post office. "Ohhh.he's so cute, what is he shouting??" And Charlie? We not longer need a map at any of the parks. He grabs one for good measure as he marches through the crowd acting as our official tour guide. His standard line? "Ok, what are we going to do next?"
I try to go out there with my parents, my in-laws or my friend at least twice a week. Once I got so desperate for a fix I went out alone. I never saw another single person with a stroller, an 18 month and a five year old the whole time I was there. And now I know there is a reason for that. People don't really care that you're holding a baby the size of a frozen jumbo turkey and the hand of a hyper 5 year old while trying to make your way through the crowd. They will run you down and kick you out of the way just to get one row in front of you for the show.
So, this summer, we are enjoying the tourist scene and we know these days are coming to a close sooner rather than later :( I've started to apply for jobs in our new hometown and I guess the real world is quickly approaching. And that makes me want to throw up. But for now we are going to Disney World!

Charlie scratching Pluto's nose, making him thump his foot. So cute! 

Jack meets the Mouse for the first time


In the shark's belly at the Living Seas

Charlie with his pals Cypress and Bliss! I love these girls!

Brushing the pig at Animal Kingdom

Three little pigs!


  1. I had to reread it several times that you actually go twice a week!!!!! I'm not a crowd person, so that just seems overwhelming to me :) It is an awesome place! Just booked our trip for next year :) Maybe I'll bump into you!!!