Friday, July 5, 2013

The 4th is the new Thanksgiving.

You've heard that grey is the new black? Pink is the new grey? Well in our household, the 4th of July is the new Thanksgiving.
Maybe its a mom thing, but I'm leaning more towards an adoption thing, but there is something about little celebrations that make me feel a little sappy. During these holidays and experiences, I can't help but think about what Charlie's life would have looked like without our country, traditions- surrounded by family.
The fourth of July is a big sappy day for me. I've always felt so privileged to be an American. I am humbled to live in a country with so much freedom. When the 4th rolls around I can't wait to tell Charlie about why we are celebrating. He just wants to light things on fire- but I sneak in as much in 1776 as possible.....
I can't help but think about what his life in an orphanage would have looked like. Holidays always make me think about the what-ifs....
On the 4th of July I am so thankful that my boy is free. As for Jack, at this point, he is just thankful for the swimming pool.
I hope your 4th was fantastic and you had plenty of reasons to feel thankful.
My fishy boy....

Underwater Charlie 

Seven cousins :)


  1. Holiday's make me sappy too for the same reasons. July 4th was JT's first holiday here and he carried around the American flag all day long. :) He's still very fond of the American Flag. :)

    We are blessed!

  2. I cried at the parade when she clapped for the Vets. :) I get it, mama. I get it.

  3. I cried at the parade yesterdat when she clapped for the Vets. I get it mama. I get it.