Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wicked Weekend

When Snow is in the forecast here, it's like everything stops. Maybe it's like that everywhere but since we only get one or two good snows a season we just don't know or maybe it's because historically, 30 miles north of us is like a snowy winter wonderland when our town gets slammed with sleet and ice, I just don't know. But you say the word snow and people loose their minds here. Friday morning the sky was crystal clear, but clients called me all day long "Should I still come in this morning?!!?" "Will I get stuck in the bad weather if I'm suppose to be there at 2:00pm?" Ok people~ if Jack Roper doesn't know (our local weather guy) THEN I DON'T KNOW EITHER!! If it's snowing, don't come. It's really ok.
But I'll admit. I started to get the same way around 3:00pm on Friday. You see we had tickets to go see WICKED with some friends. (Thanks Joe and Debbie!) I've been looking forward to going for several months. When you called the box office they say "The show will go on-snow or shine!" No refunds. Our friends driving down from North Carolina got to the NC/SC border and ran into a blizzard. They decided to turn around and go home not to risk being snowed in here. We knew it was on the way. But, the show must go on. Snow was falling in the surrounding county, but for some reason we were still dry. We set out for Greenville. The show was FANTASTIC. It exceeded our expectations. Other than the world's stinkiest man sitting by me, I loved every minute of it. He smelled like rotten cabbage. I am NOT making this up.
So we drive home and are home by midnight. On the way in, it's starting to sleet. When Chad walks the dogs at 2:00am it's POURING ice. He said it was the weirdest thing. I am taking his word for it because I was in the bed, sleeping off the cabbage smell. So, by Saturday am we have a inch or so sheet of ice with about a half inch of deceptively beautiful snow on top of that by noon on Saturday. Our cul-de-sac looks like an ice rink. We are stuck. We said a prayer of thanks that we never lost power. Ice is so much more heavy and dangerous than snow, it snaps power lines, it freezes pipes. Ice is not cool. (Well it is, but you know what I mean.)
Fast forward to Sunday. Church is canceled. Here we sit again. Good news=every article of clothing, sheet, and towel in my house is cleaned and ironed. I have slept like 12 out of the 24 hours of the day. The other 12 have been spent watching movies, eating, and reading. I am rested and relaxed. Ahhhh.....I love a good snow day.

Annie does not. Imagine that scene in Bambi when Bambi is learning to ice skate. Great Danes look just like that.


  1. Chad and Sarah I just found your blog. I will definitely try one of your recipes!

  2. I love "Wicked"!

    Man smelling of old cabbage was just preparing you for your trip. ;>

    Stay warm.