Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top of the pile.....

Please say a prayer for us as things start moving again in Russia following the winter break. It’s my understanding that by January 15th things should be in full operation again. Our motto has been “Top of the pile” meaning that whatever crazy system is in place that we don’t understand, we are hoping that when things start moving again our paperwork is on the top of the pile. I didn’t think we would be in danger of things expiring before we got Baby Deetz home, but our window is starting to narrow. Chad’s passport expires in December, which is like it expiring in June since it has to be good within six months. When we started this process December 2010 seemed like an eternity away. Other documents will start to expire in early Summer as well.

Some good news: We’ve started to receive “overage” checks from our agency. That means that when you give towards our family builder’s fund through C.W.A. it’s still tax deductible for you, but the money is sent directly to our personal savings fund for the adoption. That way we can offset the huge travel expense (times 2) that is looming in the hopefully near future. When I get a check for $25 I think “That’s a meal in Russia!” When we get $100, I think “That’s a night in a hotel!”. I am so thankful for your generous gifts. You have been so good to us. Those little amounts are chipping away at such an unknown source of stress for us. “How much will all these flights, trains, hotels, visas, tips, and food cost?”

We’ve also been collecting little gifties for the orphans and workers so that’s one less thing I have to worry about when we go. I’ve had a few offers from church groups to fill couple of suitcases full of baby clothes, shoes, and tiny toys for the children and small feminine items for the workers (perfume, jewelry, scarves, make-up) to take with us. I would rather bring less clothes for me to bring more things for them! When we make our first trip we will just need to give $250 in financial aid to the orphanage, but I would like to also take as much stuff as possible when we go too, especially for the children. Then on the second trip, I guess is suppose to be our big “gift” trip~ bringing things for the workers.

So, here we are. Please say a little prayer for us this week. Repeat after me: “Top of the pile…..Top of the pile…..”


  1. Down on my knees for "top of the pile". I wish I could tell the Russian powers-to-be, what GREAT PARENTS you & Chad will make. Love & prayers, Momma

  2. Sarah- I just have to say.. it will be an awesome blessing to have the financial apsects in place before you go. You are very smart to also take care of all the little gifts and donations now while you wait, and so it isn't a huge additional expense at the end. All of that is so good!! Praying you are at the "top of the pile!"

  3. Top of the pile, top of the pile! We will say a special prayer for you all while we are in Pskov, hopefully your good news will come very soon!

  4. I am saying TOP OF THE PILE! My advice to you though is to stay on top of those expirations! After traveling to St Petersburg for our first trip to meet Emma, our dossier was only 10 months old. BUT...we had to redo our ENTIRE dossier...and I mean, they gave us 2 weeks to get it done. It was insane! It had to be back to Russia by the end of June in order to get a court date before the judge went on holiday. (And then the court date was for Sept 15th) They told us the documentaion had to only be 6 months old or less...our agency had not told us this...we found this out on the way to the airport in St Pete. Also, we have found that the agency does not usually give you as much info about "the process" as when you get in country. It was very frustrating.

    Keep your faith. Your baby will get here, but you will most definitely not understand all of the hurdles you will face. I assure you will get through and over them!

    Hang in there!!! Praying for y'all!

  5. Hi Sarah, Just wanted to let you know that you are "on the top of the pile" of my prayer list. I'm so excited for you.... a new year.... a new beginning...a new baby... I can feel it! Your baby is waiting right now for you! How exciting!.

  6. Lord, I pray for this couple that You would do amazing things for them through this adoption!

    We are just starting our second adoption from Russia! I can't wait!!!