Wednesday, April 21, 2010

While I was out....

I feel like I've been "out" for a while with our lives being dictated by recent news and sickening uncertainty. But putting everything in perspective, as of right this minute we are clinging to the status quo. There is still a lot to be done and we've been doing it. Our home study expires soon. (Can you believe it's been a WHOLE year?) So we contacted our agency about doing an update. We really had no idea about what that would entail. Do I need to clean again? Ughhh? How long will this take?Turns out it was a minimal amount of money (thank goodness), one week from doorstep to doorstep, and a phone interview was all it took. Two sheets of paper later, basically saying "we are exactly the same as we were last year". Not so bad, I was expecting a kidney donation and pulling the remainder of my hair out. Who would have ever thought this would be the least of our worries. Ironic.
We've been putting some finishing touches on his room. My parents were here last weekend and my dad installed the really cool lights that have been sitting in the floor for about a year. Once we get the customized shelving unit into the closet, toys can be placed in those cute little baskets. Right now our design aesthetic in the room is the "dump and pile" method. We get stuff and we either pile it up on whatever surface available or we dump it in the empty closet, which is now a precarious tower of items. I can't wait until his room looks like the cozy, playful room I envisioned. Not like a natural disaster area.
We quickly realized while visiting him in the orphanage that he is a virtual monkey. Scaling chairs, windows, and tables with the ease of a natural born gymnast. It was truly impressive. Then we started thinking about our house. Hmmm....bookshelves need to be anchored. Glass tables-corner guards. Those little plastic thingies we "safety proofed" the cabinets with? Yeah, we need something a little more sophisticated. This was glaringly obvious when I watched him figure out how to open a child-proof snack cup in less than 10 seconds in order to access the food inside faster. Foxy. It was the number one adjective used by the doctor and orphanage staff for a reason. He is one foxy little guy. His wheels were always turning.
With that in mind we are searching for a toddler bed. It's our plan to use the co-sleeper in our room until he is adjusted to the house and then slowly transition him into the crib. I can see him using the crib as a really fun jungle gym. So we are going back to the drawing board on that.
But we have been getting LOTS of clothes. After waiting for 14 months of wondering "is he a he?" or could "she be a she?" Then the question of age.....would we be buying for a infant or a toddler? So now that we know he is a size 18-24 months right now and most likely a 2T for summer clothes and 3T for fall/winter but being mindful that he is short for his age, but a little chubby is the most exciting thing. We see little things and think "this would look SOOOOOO cute on him!" Things that fit his "little man" personality. Let's just say, we've brought a few things home to realize that Chad has the EXACT same shirt, sweater vest, or pair of jeans. It's like we are planning our family photos already, subconsciously. . So we are working our way back from being out for a little while. Trying to carry on and praying for the best. Because there is a lot to be done and a lot of "nesting" to accomplish in the meantime.


  1. Chad and Sarah,
    We are praying so much for you guys and for the state of Russian adoptions in general. Our hearts are aching for you as you wait to hear the news each day. Our very close friends are in Russia right now meeting their daughter, and from their perspective, it seems that adoptions are still being processed and completed each day. We are praying that this is true, and that you will hear fantastic news very soon.
    With our love,
    Jen and Jesse

  2. Not sure if you've been following this blog ( )of another couple in Pskov region. They had their adoption hearing this morning and the judge granted their petition! Good news indeed that things are moving forward and will be for you as well!

  3. It will all work out. . .and the fact that your son is already a little monkey figuring things out is awesome!! My son figured out how to take the top off a sippy cup without unscrewing it. . .he is now almost 4 and super super smart talking about space stations, rocket ships, etc.! Sounds like your little man will be a mover and shaker, too. God bless!