Sunday, April 25, 2010

Word on the street....

Things we know...
1- The judge in Pskov is still granting adoptions (yeah Wendi and Terry (See "A Shuur Thing" blog)
2- Our papers we petitioned the court with before we left to adopt our little guy has made it's way to Moscow and already back to the Judge in Pskov.
3- She (the judge) has actually been looking at our court documents and given our case manager feedback on one thing that need to be redone (not ASAP redone, but before we actually go before her.) So far everything else seems to be to her liking.
4- I have been in conversation with a lovely person at the US State Department that is keeping me up to date on the goings-on with the potential freeze/slow downs. We emailed several times this week and spoke on the phone once, she said just to let me know that there are "real live people working on our behalf" She was kind and very reassuring that everything is going to work out.
5- The US team that will be meeting with the Russia task force to nail down a "bilateral agreement" that was postponed by the volcanic ash will go and meet with officials on April 29-30. Please keep those days bathed in prayer. We pray for more clarification and of course, positive results.

Things we don't know
1- The Judge in our region is getting ready for her vacation in May. We've know about this for sometime and that's why we were thinking it would be June before we could get our little guy home. But apparently, our case manager that lives in Russia is going to make a special trip to Pskov to respectfully ask the Judge if she would "accept our case". We aren't really sure what that means. (Get a date before her vacation? Schedule a date before she leaves so that when she gets back we'll be ready to go?) We just don't know about this. We are praying mostly that for "still moving" but if things work out better than we anticipated TRUST ME, you'll hear no complaining from the Deetz household. We knew this waiting was going to be the hardest part, we did not take into consideration that an International adoption crisis could be thrown into the mix. It changes your longings to be with your child into a full on panic.
2- Any more Russian than we did when we traveled the first time. I am a Russian language failure. There are just so many things to do and so far learning a foreign language has gone by the wayside. But I PROMISE I will get to it this week. This is a time I wish Chad was a language rain man. Then I could just learn to say "what he said".


  1. Thanks for the upbeat news! I appreciate it as we are sending in Dossier 1 this week!

  2. Praise ye the Lord! This is great news! I am in prayer for you & our little man! I requested prayer for you all & the Watsons this morning in church. We can't have too many prayers. My main prayer is that the little man will be well cared for and that he knows his Mama & Papa will come and get him as soon as possible. I can't wait to have him home in our family....he will be loved!

  3. I know God has awesome things in store for all of us on this journey! I've enjoyed following your blog! Can't wait to see you bring your little boy home!

  4. Sarah,
    We're saying prayers for you all and hope you hear some good news very soon. We found the judge to be very nice and flexible - she moved our court date back a day because we weren't able to arrive on time due to the volcano. Don't lose hope - it will happen, I promise!!

  5. That is all good news! You will be back in no time.
    After all the waiting (trust me I know about waiting 1 1/2 years between meeting and court date), you'll get him home and then think...Wow, it seems like he's been apart of our family forever!!

  6. We too are adopting from the Pskov region. We are awaiting our first travel date and it is so nice to hear of some info from our little girl's region - although the whole judge's vacation thing is somewhat frustrating. We were supposed to be hearing when our travel date was the weekend that everything went "frozen". Please know that I am praying for you that things will move swiftly so you can bring your sweet boy home!!

    I can't wait to see pictures!

  7. We're adopting from Pskov too! Angie (above) sent me a link to your blog. We are waiting for our first travel date. We will be praying for you and I'm loving your blog. You have so much more info than we do about the judge.