Friday, September 17, 2010


We received an update from the agency today. Our documents made it to Russia and have been translated. Apparently, the Judge is not back from Moscow yet (?!?!) but at least everything will be ready upon her return this coming week. (EDIT- I have now heard she may be back by Sept. 27th? Who knows, right?) Please keep those prayers up. It is so hard being in the dark with your fate hanging in the balance. Will she start having court? Or will we have to wait another 3 months or so for an agreement to be signed?
I worked at the children's consignment sale at our church yesterday, I restrained myself to only $20 worth of stuff for Charlie. Mostly some nice Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles, but I couldn't help but think about all the consignment sales goneby. When I was buying "baby" items and thinking baby Deetz would be home before the "next" consignment sale. 3 sales later, I am buying for a nearly 3 year old! And apparently three year olds are REALLY hard on their clothing- the stuff in 3T-4T looks as if it's been through the war! So no "gently used" items for lil' Charlie boy, we'll stick to the wooden toys!
For when he's a little older!


  1. That all sounds hopeful! I hope the judges trip to Moscow allowed her to meet with other judges that have been granting adoptions to the American folks. Hey, I bought Charlie a Melissa & Doug puzzle today is tools (so he can help Poppy) I also bought the car one (oops). Hugs & kisses, Momma

  2. P.S. Those puzzles are adorable.

  3. So true - toddlers are rough on their clothes! Still praying that you hear something soon!