Monday, November 1, 2010

The second time around....

Well the results are in.....we are still not criminals. Many things in the world of adoption elude me, one of which is USCIS fingerprinting. Why do we need to get re-fingerprinted? I mean they haven't changed! Why can't they just run em' through again to make sure we haven't broken any laws in the last twelve months. But alas, we have been reprinted and yes, we are still law abiding citizens.

Also, found out today we are in for another home study visit because we need to adjust our age approval (also for USCIS) since Charlie will be turning three in March and a home study and I171-H update isn't something (as we are all well aware from previous rantings) that these sources are able to just "whip out" at a moments notice. So, even though we are hoping, praying, wishing for a court date prior to March 20, 2011, we are erring on the side of caution and planning ahead for our sweet boys 3rd and even 4th birthday.

So, our social worker is coming to the house THIS THURSDAY. Awesome! Did I mention how my house could be declared a disaster area? But surprisingly, I am not worried about this visit. Isn't it funny how a little experience and time changes your perspective? I am not going to kill myself getting ready and whatever isn't ready will be shoved into the variety of closets throughout our house.


  1. We were fingerprinted a total of 5 times I think between USCIS and local police. It is ridiculous! I hope this is the last time you need to do this and your sweet boy will be home for his next birthday!

  2. Oh, Sarah. Never did I imagine that the year would unfold as it has. Your strength and faith are amazing. I still remember after your first trip when you were kind enough to do all of those special request posts. I continue to pray that Charlie will be home with you soon.

    And congrats on still being crime free. I don't get the fingerprint thing either.

  3. Glad to read that you're still law-abiding! Pretty useful in your line of work, right?

    I'm keeping you guys in my prayers that things will move along more quickly for you. You have been stuck in a situation that really s*cks - especially for little Charlie.

  4. Oh man. . .hang in there!! I know whatever I say will be pale compared to what you want to hear. So, I'll just say that we're pryaing for you all--that you get a Court Date RIGHT after the aggreement is signed and that you can bring home your little man and become the family you ought to be.

    Also, interestingly, one of Aidan's friends at school, one he talks about allllll the time, came home from Pskov 2 1/2 years ago. He's adorable and seems to have adjusted well. He just turned 5. I hope that helps give a little hope. . .


  5. Sarah:
    Sounds like you've got your second wind (or 3rd, 4th . . . ) and are hanging tough in this process! Good for you! My hubby & I follow your blog and keep Chad, you and your little one in our prayers. We have been waiting (& waiting & waiting) for our referral (a daughter!). Unfortnately, we will probably have to start updating some of our documents soon, also.
    Take care,