Sunday, December 12, 2010

21 Favors....

I have a favor to ask of you again. This one requires no money, no huge effort, no big production.
Every step I've taken for the last two years I've had someone stop me in my tracks to ask me about the adoption. And whether I wanted to talk about it or not through the ups and downs, I've always liked it best when that person just simply told me "I am praying for you." Sometimes when things are hard, we don't know what to say to people. Most of the time we end up saying something stupid like "I know this is all happening for a reason" or "it's going to be just fine". I bet a lot of you right now are thinking, those are bad things? When your child is spending his or her life in an institution without a mama or a papa across an endless ocean, those things aren't really the best choice of words, even if you think they are the truth.The most comfort I have found are when people simply say that they love me and that they are lifting me, Chad and Charlie up to God. And that they genuinely mean it. You can see it in their eyes that they are petitioning God on our behalf, that they believe that God really has the power to change things in the hearts of men (and judges).
So, with that being said, my heart has been terribly heavy lately. In the last two years, I have had the privilege of meeting some spectacular future adoptive families. Families that in some way or another are spending Christmas without their children. Some of them are good people that have been caught up in bureaucracy and broken promises. Some people are just waiting the wait, hoping for the next step in the journey.
I've just been thinking about myself lately. My situation. Getting Charlie home. Period.
So here is where you come in. I need your help, but only if you truly mean it. It's easy. I need you to lift some very important people up in prayer. All of these people are in the midst of different circumstances, but share a common theme- they are without their children. This Christmas, I suspect, they are trying to carry on "life as normal" but despite how busy their lives are this season, how many gifts left to buy, and how many Christmas parties on the calendar, their hearts are elsewhere. Russia to be exact.
So as you trim the tree, rush to the mall, watch your children delight in the season; when your mind drifts to all the ways you've been blessed by your family and friends, please remember them....
Mary Jo


  1. So well said, Sarah! Thanks for putting that out there. I can definitely relate to all those unhelpful comments that come your way when you are going through the ups and downs of the adoption process and the excruciating waiting. We had our fair share of them too. I just want you to know that even though we have never met you, we continue to keep you, Chad, & Charlie in our prayers and we will also pray for the other families you mentioned. Wish there was more we could do. Just know that we are keeping you all close to our hearts, especially during this holiday season which makes being separated from Charlie even harder than it already is.

  2. So very well said!!! I am praying for you, Chad, and Charlie and most of all for the judge to change her mind and get Charlie home asap!!!

  3. Of course. They, and you three, will remain in my prayers. . .God be with you.

  4. awww sweetie my hubby and i were discussing you and chad and how sad the holidays must be for you guys please remember people like us who you dont know are praying that things get resolved soon..I check often hopeing to see an update that youve heard hes coming home..god is good and i believe in miracles..bigg huggs your friends from canada

  5. Just I pray for our Charlie, I am lifting up these families in prayer also. Many of these families I follow in the "blog" world and pray for already. But as the saying goes "they need prayers & I need practice". I know the wait is long & painful, but the reward will be great.

  6. Sarah,
    I do pray for your fsmily every night that you will recieve your court date and bring your little angel home.

  7. Your heart is amazing! That which is put in flows freely! Praying for you guys, too!! And excited that this will be the very last Christmas Charlie spends without you!! ;o)

  8. I remember how heavy my heart was just a few weeks ago. pI rayed for you and the judge in Pskov during our flight over your region. We are not taking our situation for granted at all, and are on our knees for you, and Charlie, and the judge, and for all these others that you have listed.

  9. What is so amazing to me, is that you (even though YOUR situation is so hard right now) you are thinking of us and other families out there as well. You are truly an amazing woman- and we are praying with you and for you. Wishing blessings for you THIS holiday season. xoxo Summer

  10. Christmas is hard and the ongoing questions and well meaning words from friends and strangers alike sometimes cut in ways so unknown. Your prayer list is a wonderful way to reach out to others in waiting and wondering and so very much in need of a soft shoulder. I don't know many of the people on your list but I can say that our mutual friend Steph could use about a million prayers and her shoulders simply aren't broad enough to carry the burden on her now. She has the kindest most amazing heart and I know she appreciates your friendship. Thanks... from far away (and of course I'll do my part :)

  11. Well now I'm crying. Thanks so much for your concern for us too...even in the midst of your own adoption heartaches. Again, when we get them all home, I really hope we can re-introduce them in America. Don't you think they will remember each other from the orphanage???

  12. Very sweet sentiment. Saying a prayer for you and all others in limbo!

  13. Hi Sarah -

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, yes of course you can repost the sermon. And I will be praying for ALL of these people, including you. I genuinely will be lifting your entire family up.


  14. May be catching up on your blog a little late but consider the prayers DONE!

    May 2011 be the year your family is blessed with Charlie in your arms.