Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picking flowers for Mama

LOVE this boy!!!

This is serious business!

For Mama

Beautiful boy....

Missed a few...


  1. I love this little warms my heart each time I see his face! He is such a thoughtful, helpful and loving child with a heart of gold. His beautiful, happy smile makes me so happy to know that God's perfect plan has made him part of our family. Baba LOVES her Charlie!!

  2. I have kept dandelions in a water jug for several days. They really last! Great to see how happy he is. . .

  3. What a cute little guy !! So happy for you he is home where he belongs !!

  4. Absolutely precious!!! Charlie is just cuter and cuter with every picture you post :)

    And I must say he has some stylin clothes!