Monday, May 30, 2011

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

I felt like a winner because this weekend Chad and I were going to be on vacation! We were going to take Charlie to his first trip to Disney and I was so excited! I bought him a DVD I used to watch as a kid about Disney World and we watched it over and over again. Luckily, we are careful about what we tell Charlie what we are doing because if you tell him "we are going here" any more than 15 minutes before the event actually happens, he will drive you literally insane and think that you have to go right that minute.....Soooo.....We would just vaguely ask him "Would you like to ride on the boat?" "What would you say to Mickey if you met him?" Because a few weeks ago, I started to feel rough. Tired. Sick.
Turns out I have mono. Bad. Not to complain, but yes, I am going to for a minute. Bear with me. I have had a fever for 14 days. That is not natural. I have been throwing up for 7. Once again, that tests what should be allowed for one human to endure. Mono, for lack of a better adjective, sucks. So, our Disney Parade has been rained upon. Que pity party.
Enough of that, I know that nobody likes a whiner. I did, however, win a great prize from Meagan's giveaway! Yippeee Tattered & Inked for this great prize, I originally thought I would get this in red for Charlie's room with "C"s all over it, but the more I looked at his wall space, the more I realized there IS NO WALL SPACE! So, I decided that I wanted to redo the dining room instead.

Our house isn't very beige, but our dining room is one exception. To be honest with you, B.C. (Before Charlie) we didn't eat in our dining room. We ate in restaurants : ) or on our couch in front of the T.V. But now, I've been staring at 4 beige walls and it is making me nauseous. (Oh wait, thats the mono)

So currently, it has one tiny wooden sign that pretty much found it's way onto a rouge nail and a sad, sad, wreath I made during my "Martha" phase. Ugly. Boring. Stay tuned for the makeover as soon as I get my mojo back.

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better! I can't imagine having a fever for that long or throwing up for that long AND being a momma to a preschooler. Any plans on rescheduling the trip to Disney?