Monday, May 23, 2011


Please pray for the Davis family early tomorrow morning. If you are up at 5:00am EST that's when their supreme court case will go before the judge. It is expected to last for several hours, so chances are, you'll be awake to pray for them in "real time". That is so important right now. I pray that so many people are praying that God will, obviously grant them a positive outcome, but not only that it will calm their fears and make that Judge feel like the weight of the world will crash down on him if he does ANYTHING but send that precious baby home with his mama and papa.  They learned today that when the judge overturns the verdict of the lower court Kirill can go home in 5 days! Awesome! No waiting period (as if the last 4 months hasn't been the worstwaiting period of their lives) and no second trip (or make that fourth trip....) Pray, pray, pray! 

Even if you are not a "religious" person, and I know that not everyone who reads this blog is......send up some love for the Davis family. Pray to their God. Because they are such strong wonderful people and every child deserves a home...

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