Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hellloooo Baby Jack!

Today we met Jack via ultrasound technology. It was quite an amazing experience. I am used to seeing the little "blob in jello" ultrasound, not the "oh my gosh you can see his hair" ultrasound. The technician was banging on his "tank" trying to get him to turn around and smile for the camera and he opened his mouth and howled at her, like "Heeeeyyyy!!!! I'm sleepin' here!!!". I thought, oh boy, he is going to give Charlie a run for his money....
When his heartbeat filled the room, it brought tears to my eyes. I never thought I would experience this feeling in my lifetime. I feel blessed. I feel stressed, as in....uhhh that looks like a baby and I need to get 10 million more things ready!!! I just keep buying things to fill up the room when I should be doing things like assembling the crib in our garage and cleaning all the odds and ends out of the closet.
But, he is HEALTHY and we are so thrilled. He is right on track, and for that we thank God.
Please continue to wrap baby Jack in your prayers. This is uncharted territory for us and for his birth mom. It's amazing how different this is than an International adoption. Different joys, different worries.
So, until then, I have A LOT of work to do, cause now I've seen with my own eyes, there's a baby in there!!!


  1. The most awesomeest name ever!! (next to Charlie and Henry ;o)
    So thrilled for you guys!! Can't wait to see his sweet little face looking into your eyes!!

  2. tank! love it. Glad he is healthy and all are well.

  3. Love. This is so terribly sweet :)