Monday, September 19, 2011

Paperwork is evil. It must be stopped.

Yesterday we called in a few favors, AGAIN. SLED checks from my old law firm, background checks from Kevin the Sheriff hero. Today, we sat in our doctor's waiting room and ask him if he would PLEASE sign the adoption form he had signed 15 times in the last year.
No kidding, I had an out of body experience tonight digging through the ol' adoption box in order to scan in income tax returns. I thought- what the heck am I doing? I honestly thought those things would stay in that box until well, the end of time.
Then, after the SLED checks and medical reports were scanned in, same thing. I had to shake my head to make sure I was still on this planet.
With the paperwork involved in Charlie's adoption, doing and re-doing and re-wording and re-scanning paperwork gives you a physical feeling under your skin and in the pit of your stomach. It's like a never ending battle. Just when you finished, they had all expired and you started over again. Unless you've been trapped in this vicious cycle, it's hard to explain the power these pieces of paper have over you. I always felt guilty if ANYTHING expired. Expired documents=the more time your baby sits in an orphanage. So, it's safe to say paperwork and I aren't really on speaking terms.
I had to keep telling myself....this document will not expire. These, if done correctly, will be done once and we'll be lucky if the ink is dry on November 18th. Our problem is reversed. But that doesn't mean that I hate paperwork any less.
BUT....THE REWARD COULDN'T BE GREATER! So, I'll make nice and tell the paperwork it's my friend. (but I'll still talk about it behind it's back) 


  1. I talk smack about paperwork behind its back also, and always will.

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally understand!! Just 5 months after arriving home from Russia with our son, we were completing domestic paperwork too...totally not our plan! Lol. I said that more than once this past may...I thought I'd never do this again! God laughs at our plans, doesn't he? :-)