Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet my son, Baby Huey.

In January, Charlie was in the 5th percentile for his height. Now.....drum roll please......
Holy moly!
Now, his weight has never been an issue, he's held steady in the 90th percentile his entire little life, but we are so thrilled about his height!
Over 5 inches in seven months ain't too shabby.
Welcome to America, land of healthy food, plenty of yard space, and sunshine! Turns out kids really do grow exactly like weeds.

What brought this discovery to light (other than my arm feels like it's breaking off when I carry him for longer that 2 minutes) was getting ready last night to go to a friend's house.

It was a little cool outside, so I decided to put him in jeans. Jeans that swallowed him up last winter, size 3T. Well, now said jeans are jean capri's. I mean, you could see the top of his socks. Then I tried on a pair of his size 9 slide on shoes. Nope. His toes were crammed into the ends of them. Next, the fruit loop shirt, size 4T. BELLY SHIRT. He looked like he was going to an 80's rock concert (minus the Bon Jovi hair).

So today, we got out the scale and the measuring tape. Yup. He is officially Baby Huey. 


  1. Wow, that's amazing! It really is amazing how quickly they grow! And the clothes are one sure way to tell they are growing! Our son William came home I think a month or so after Charlie and has grown 2 inches in his first 5 months. He's still not quite to the tenth percentile, but at this rate he should be at the 50th by his next birthday!

  2. It sounds like Baba needs to go shopping....and you know how I hate to shop...NOT. Let me know what you need!!