Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I know...I know

Merry Christmas!

Jack the Stocking Stuffer!
Ok, I know. It's been a long, long, while. I never really understood why people in blog world couldn't update their blog in a timely manner. Turns out, I underestimated the fact that Jack has radar that goes off when a computer is powered on. Radar that screams "Feed Me!" "Change Me!" "Rock Me!" at the instant any on switch is turned on. Like his on switch is connected to my on switches. 
Charlie meets Mr. and Mrs Mouse!

Jack by the bear..awwww

Charlie in love!

Or the fact that life with two children is A LOT more hectic than life with one. People that told me "having two isn't really that much more work, you are doing the work anyway..." LIES. Work has not only been added to, but increased ten fold. My washing machine is crying for a vacation.
And the sleep...or should I say lack of sleep. Friendly people keep saying "you need to keep him up during the day!" As if. We could set off a nuclear bomb in our living room and this child would sleep right through it. At night, if you clear your throat- well that's a different story. I look old and ugly.
So, enough of my complaining. (Just letting you know that this is HARD WORK!)
Christmas was AWESOME! Charlie just about peed his pants when he saw his giant bear. He kept saying "this for me too???" because we just put his gifts under the tree and had ours across the room. He loved every  minute of it. Then we went to church and celebrated the true meaning of the season. We are still moving toys around trying to make room for his haul. Jack pretty much slept through the whole thing, but like clockwork enjoyed the glow of the Christmas tree and bonanza of gifts AFTER midnight.
We decided we really wanted to have Jack baptized on January 1st. We decided to make the trip to North Florida to have Chad's dad do the ceremony. And since we were in North Florida...it only made sense to keep on truckin' down to central Florida to have Charlie meet Mickey Mouse, since that's where our other sets of parents live. So we hitched a ride with my parents in their R.V. on the way down. That way we could stretch out, change diapers, heat bottles, etc. What use to take 9 hours.....We made it in a record 13 hours. Oi.  But we made it and had the BEST time.
Wednesday- Disney. This probably deserves it's own post, but for the time being....Charlie was a trooper- We were planning on bringing Jack at least for a few hours and then my mom and dad were going to leave with him since they are season pass holders, but when we woke up it was really cold and windy. Chad's mom graciously offered to keep him at home. Charlie walked/ran through the park from 10am till 11pm and was happy the whole time. No melt downs for this boy! He really wanted to go to the "Scary House" aka- Haunted Mansion. I was really nervous about freaking him out on the ride, but he kept insisting that he "wasn't scared" so we went. He loved it. What a brave boy.
Thursday we had Christmas #2 with Chad's parents. Then we got together with all my old friends from High School, many of which I hadn't even met their kids! It was the first time any of them had met Charlie or Jack! What a special time. I am so thankful for these wonderful women in my life and their equally wonderful spouses.
Friday we introduced the boys to three of their cousins and had a great time. That night we went to Ice at Gaylord Palms Hotel. It was pretty impressive- tons of carved ice that you walk through, slide down. But it was WAY too crowded and we felt a little like cattle the whole night. And Charlie felt as if he needed to counter balance his exemplary Disney behavior with truly awful behavior. So as you can imagine, between the -9 weather, the crowds and my possessed child a good time was had by all.
Then Saturday, we saw Chad's cousins perform at Downtown Disney and then it was off to North Florida for  baptism and Christmas #3 with Chad's dad and Step mom. Monday, we drove home.
It was an insane week. We had a wonderful time, but boy. What a haul.
Oh...add in our second post adoption report due January 2nd and SURPRISE! Our social worker wanting to come THIS Thursday for our second post Charlie report and first post Jack report. No pressure. It's not like we just came home from a week long excursion with more baby supplies than a baby super store scattered throughout our house....So, washing machine, suck it up cause it's going to be a hoppin' in our house over the next few days.
So, that's what we've been up to. Sorry if this post is a little scattered- I started it 4 hours ago and typed here and there, Jack and Charlie permitting. :0)
I promise I will get better at posting on a more timely manner!!! New Year resolution #1. 

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  1. Love reading your updates! Praise God for an awesome year! We still think of you guys often.

    Tami Barnes
    Waycross, GA