Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Birds, One Stone

This morning we had our first "Post-Jack" placement home study and our second "Post-Charlie" home study. Turns out sometimes the stars do align and we were able to have two studies done in one appointment. I would say that meant I only had to clean my house once, but that would be a lie since cleaning my house now consists of moving large items from the middle of the floor and making sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink. That's cleaning, right?
I never made it to Charlie's room to pick up and OF COURSE the child wants to show the social worker his Christmas tree. Thank goodness she made it out alive, especially since Charlie insists on the fully effect: Gather in the center of the room, turn out the lights, stumble his way to the tree, press the button, turn on the lights, stand back and say "ohhhhh", then turn them off and then you're on your own finding your way out. 
But everytime we accomplish one of these feats and the door closes, we breath a sigh of relief. One step closer to being done with the hoops and one step closer to being the regular family we already feel like. Notice I didn't say "normal" family :0)

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  1. Anyone can see how happy Charlie is and that Jack is growing by leaps & bounds. These boys are awesome and God's blessings to us! And I win the prize, I was blog reader #99999 so I closed out and logged back in so that I was also reader #100,000. Yippee, I get to be Baba to my sweet little grandsons FOREVER!