Monday, February 20, 2012

Attention PAPS

Attention Potential Adoptive Parents! PLEASE keep track of your adoption receipts and invoices. Trust me. When you are getting stuff ready for your taxes you have two choices.
#1- You could be beating your head against the wall- converting rubles to Euros to dollars, translating Russian on faded receipts, ordering canceled checks and credit card statements and cussing. (like I am doing right now) -OR-
#2-You could look at your neatly organized receipts with the amounts written on the back and printing out your excel spreadsheet to bring to your tax lady and sleeping right now.
That is all. Just a word of advice. 


  1. I took in everything we had for our adoption, our tax guy took our big stuff, Adoption Agency, Flights, lodging, and said all is good. As long at it totals over $13,170 you are good.

  2. Like Denise said, you only need to have receipts totally the tax credit amount. For us that was only one receipt, from our agency. No need to worry about rubles, euros, exchange rates and spreadsheets.

  3. AMEN! I was in adoption receipt hell myself last week. I know I probably won't need all that stuff tallied, but....

  4. I should clarify...I know we only need to get to the $13,170 threshold and since it was a blessing for us we fundraised all of our agency fees, so our only out of pocket was travel costs, medical exams, in country costs (ie:travel) thus the cussing, exchange rates and rubles. :0)