Friday, July 12, 2013


There is something about the beach...Isak Dinesen says the cure for everything is salt water- tears, sweat, or the ocean. We had a few tears, a lot of sweat and plenty of ocean. So after this week we should be cured of pretty much everything.
Put either boys in the water and get ready for a show. They are part fish. Jumping, diving, underwater extravaganza.
Being with these boys in the water makes me remember I am alive and relatively carefree. To watch them run, dance, swim is pure joy. I think back to a little boy in a cold orphanage with skin so translucent you could see every vein. To see the same boy now is a picture of health and vitality. I think of Jack and what a tiny little baby he was just a short time ago. Now, he's a strong (physically and strong willed....) toddler that can do practically anything his big brother can do. I just can't wait to see these boys grow up in the sun!

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