Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friends :)

I've heard it said that a friend is born in times of adversity. I'm fairly certain this quote is from the Bible, but it's late and I'm too tired to google. If you came here for accuracy, you obviously are new here and I'm sorry you've been misinformed about the content of this blog.
Anyway, friends. This week I've been thinking a lot about friendship- I always get nostalgic when I spend time with my very first and best friend, Kathleen, which I got to do this week. It's always a special time. Here is an especially blurry photograph of the two of us circa 1984. Please note my ears and the height difference between us, both of which continue to be an issue to this day....She was always by partner in crime, shoulder to cry on, and first rate secret keeper. Fast forward 30 (gasp, I totally typed "20" and then had to do the math...) years and she is an amazing mom to two incredible, bright girls and one precious special needs son. I love her for her devotion to her family and her unwavering faith in God. I am always in awe of her every time we are together. 
Then, my little sister got engaged (!!!!) and ask me to be her Maid of Honor. Technically, I suppose I am a "Matron" but I despise that word as much as the word "Mucus". We were talking about the evening up of the bridal party numbers ie: he has 5 good friends, she has 6 or vice-verse. And I said "With the wedding being a year away, what if you become really close friends with someone you didn't already ask to be in the wedding?" She looked at me as if that was an impossibility. After all, what difference could a year make as far as your lifelong friends go? A lot my friend, a lot.
When we were in the deepest valley of adoption woes (The most hopeless being around the fall of 2010 when we were told to "move on" by our agency, that Charlie was never coming in this entry HERE) I met a wonderful, kind soul that was walking through a darker adoption valley than we were. I won't go into details, because her story is just that- hers, but I can tell you, that we spent many a night talking, crying, cussing Russian officials together. We were friends born out of a time of adversity. But both of our stories had a happy ending and I cannot express to you the joy I felt Skyping with her from the hotel lobby in Moscow with Charlie in tow. I will never forget that night. She was leaving in a few weeks to meet her son and we had finally won the fight. If that night was a book, that would have been the end of a long and painful chapter and the beginning of a part with the happy ending.
This week I had the honor of meeting her and her son face to face along with some other new friends that had braved the roller coaster of Russian adoption. What an amazing feeling. We went to Magic Kingdom to celebrate and being the sappy nostalgic individuals that we are, we had the boys throw their pennies in the water right at the Russian part of "Its a Small World" Awwww....priceless. I wish I could show you their faces (I have MUCH better pictures than this, but since these aren't my kids, I want to protect their privacy.) It was a day I'll never forget.
My prayer for my boys is as they grow they will always be proud of where they came from. I hope that they will find true friends along the way that stick with them in the times of adversity. It is my hope for them that they will surround themselves with people that love them, are encouraged by their strength and make them into better people. I hope they they will have true friends like I have found.


  1. We were at the Reunion! I wish we would have met up.

  2. That is SO SWEET! It brought tears to my eyes!