Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nursery update.....

I finished putting up the curtains in Charlie's room (yeah Ikea!) and only burned myself once with the iron while I was "hemming" them with that webbing that comes with the panels. That's because I can count how many times I've actually picked up an iron.
I also painted some gears to match his rug....I am ok with the way they turned out- I was hoping for better, things always look better in my mind!

We also FINALLY found a rocker we could live with- It reclines which is cool.... we just need to get a more suitable cover for Charlie's bright room. But for now I like the way it looks in our breakfast nook!

I also hung up his little toy holder in the corner- perfect timing for a "robot/space nursery" with Toy Story III coming out soon. Yeah Buzz Lightyear!
P.S.- Renee- Per your question about the kinds of clothes we wore, we were told that people didn't really wear jeans and we should be "business casual" for our appointment at the courthouse and for our first meeting at the orphanage. So we brought a nice outfit for that day (Chad wore khakis, a button up shirt, and a sweater vest and I wore black dress pants, a sweater and a little dressy jacket) The other days I just wore dress pants and a nicer top everyday. Chad wore Khaki type pants and an button up shirt. We felt comfortable with what we wore, kinda middle of the road, not overdressed, but not super casual either. I think what you wear is kinda a respect thing, you are showing that you are there for a special occasion. But you want to be comfortable too, because after we did the meetings everyday with the orphanage doctor, we were crawling around on the floor with our little man! Hopes this helps!


  1. Thank-You Thank-You. That was what I was thinking but there is no better advice than someone who has already been there. Thanks for posting all the other information. Bought the disposable cameras today. :)
    Many Blessings to you and your family.


  2. Oh Sarah! The room is so adorable! I wish I lived closer, I would cover those rocker chair pads for you. I just finished re-covering all my mother's outdoor furniture for her mother's day present. You are officially in your "nesting" mode. :) It won't be long now......... Love Shawn

  3. The room is abolutely adorable and love the reclining rocker! I have so many nights wished that my rocker reclined so that is fantastic! Hoping you hear good news of your court date very soon.