Friday, May 7, 2010

Update/Prayer Request

Yesterday our case manager in Russia met with the Judge. She is still not accepting our case due to the “climate” in Russia right now. She wants to wait until the second meeting on May 12th between US and Russian officials before she accepts our case onto her roster. This doesn’t really bode well for us right now.
Although things are certainly not “frozen” things will most likely be slowed down for us in getting him home. Unless, that is a miracle happens. This would be what a miracle would look like:
1-The meeting on May 12th goes exceedingly well and though changes in policy are inevitable, that they decide to have mercy on us folks that have already jumped through 5,000 hoops and “grandfather” us into the old way of doing things since we are in the final stages of his adoption.
2- Then the MOE would issue a clear statement on how this effects us, other parents like us, parents that have not yet traveled, parents that have not yet gotten a referral, as well as families that are just beginning the process in the states.
3- Then the judge in our region reads the order immediately (prior to her pending vacation) and “pencils us in” either before her vay-kay or immediately following it.
4-Then off we go!

-OR- this is the one I like better (the other scenario has too many ifs and relies on too many people to make efficient, speedy decisions which has obviously not been the case thus far)

1-God intervenes and the Judge has a change of heart and wants us in Russia immediately.

See, isn’t that one better? In all seriousness, our case manager state side is still doing a magnificent job pleading our case and is sending the judge some information from the MOE stating that “adoptions are not frozen”. Because they aren’t! Keep the faith people. Miracles still happen everyday and we are needing one right now. We need him home!


  1. Thanks for the update, been thinking about you and wondering what was going on.

    I vote for the 2nd option!! (As if I get a vote)
    Still praying for a speedy court date for you.

  2. I hope everything will work out. My husband send me the recent news article and I posted it on my blog. I am sure you will be getting your court date really soon!! Good Luck;-)

  3. Hello! I am just delurking to let you know that even though you don't know me I am keeping all of the families in your shoes in my prayers. We adopted our second son from Russia one year ago. All of this craziness really hits home for us. Best wishes, I know good news is coming soon!

  4. Oh Sarah, we are praying so hard for you right now. I can say from personal experience the judge does have some flexibility as she moved our case a day later because we missed our flight due to the volcano. Hopefully she will show the same flexibility and review your case ASAP. After yesterday's news that the legislation in the Duma was defeated perhaps that might make her move forward on your case a little quicker. We pray you hear good news very, very soon.

  5. Never give up, it may be your turn for a miracle. Hey wait, Charlie is a miracle & he is waiting for you! Love ya, Momma