Friday, August 6, 2010

Any Suggestions? Know anybody who knows anybody?

Ok blog friends, we received word today that the Judge in Pskov will not, under any circumstance hear any American adoption cases. We are assuming this means until an official bilateral adoption agreement is signed, but the way it was presented it sounded like a very permanent decision. I ask our case manager a million questions, all assuming that there is SOMETHING that can be done about this. Maybe this is just an American way of thinking, "I'll keep asking until I get a response I like/everything is negotiable/never take no for an answer" but in my line of questioning it appears that:
There is one Judge in our region
We cannot have another Judge hear our case (Anyone heard any different?)
We can contact the US State Department and see what they can do for us.
The Russian Ministry of Education is the only governing body that has any say in what Judges can and cannot do.
Our region appears to be the only region with a Judge that feels this way
However, the DOE in Pskov are processing new families and accepting new dossiers, allowing people to travel for their first trips. She said as a matter of fact our agency got a Pskov referral this week?!!? (I KNOW IT MAKES NO SENSE!)

There just has to be something else we can do. If you don't want to discuss this on a public forum (I don't really want to either, I am just at my wits end and grasping at straws) PLEASE email me at
I am hoping that someone might have some advice to share. I just feel so hopeless.


  1. Oh Sarah, I am so sorry! I wish I had advice for you, but please know that I'm praying that you will receive an answer soon.

  2. I have no advice, just know that you are in my prayers. This makes absolutely no sense and seems so unfair to american families and these children sitting in orphanages. Since the DOE is still allowing families to travel and meet these children, there has to be a way for things to start moving forward again. I'm so so sorry.

  3. You should contact the US Embassy in Moscow by email and see if they have any wise words. I think they could give you some advice...I hope?? I have emailed them before and they emailed back right away and were EXTREMELY helpful and friendly. Go for it...what can it hurt!

  4. oh my heart just breaks for you guys..but please just keep praying for a miracle god is good and going to keep praying..bigg huggs..

  5. We are praying for Charlie to come home soon! All in God's time, right? If only we had a crystal ball to explain it all a little better.

  6. Check out:

    and send an email to:

    I'm an adoptive mama and that's who I would ask if my agency wasn't getting answers. Also, I noticed in your post that your case manager is the one you've been dealing with -- I'd also move this up the leadership chain at your agency (head of Russia program, head of agency, etc). Good luck - I hope you get your little guy home SOON!!

  7. I can't tell you how much I wish I knew someone or could do SOMETHING, but I don't. All I can do is say I'm sorry this is happening, and I'll pray and keep you in my thoughts - and I'll absolutely keep doing that until Charlie is home with you.

  8. I'm keeping you and Charlie in my thoughts. I can only think that since they are still giving referrals this HAS to be a temporary thing until a treaty is signed or the judge has a change of heart, which I'm hoping is sooner than the treaty being signed. I'm sorry this is happening, ver sorry.

  9. I have not answers or educated comments for this- just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you guys! God is God and in this we have faith.

  10. I am so very sorry!!! I would try contacting any state representatives or senators. I know they won't be able to do anything about the judge but they may have contacts that help to push the American delegates to get things signed. Just a thought.
    I guess I would try to focus on the fact that they are still sending families. If the judge never intended to approve families then why would they be sending them.
    I will be thinking of you!!! Hang in there!!!

  11. Remember.....after the clouds comes the rainbows!
    God is painting us a beautiful rainbow...a forever family with your little Charlie right in the center. Prayers for some quick answers. I love you soooooooooooo much. Momma