Saturday, August 21, 2010


So I'm sure you've heard of those expectant parents that take one last pre-kid vacation, we decided that sounded pretty good. But really, we needed a little break to re-group. We hadn't been on vacation in close to two years. "Saving time" for Russia has been our motto for over a year. So this week we took a much needed vacation to Surfside Beach, South Carolina (just down the street from Myrtle Beach....) Our daily activities? We slept in every morning, eating breakfast at "home" and then heading out to the beach. After a few hours we would walk across the street and eat lunch at "home". Then take a nap! (All that rest is hard work!) After waking up we would get cleaned up and go see the sites, having dinner out. (Shrimp and grits, REAL crabcakes..mmmm. One night we even...gasp.....went out to see a movie. Most nights we came home after dinner and watched a dvd. I read two books and about 5 magazines or so that had been stockpiled on the coffee table. It was awesome.
Our cozy little beach condo- thanks Whitt family!
But in all this, we couldn't help but looking at the toddlers playing in the surf and waves and think our boy should be here with us, experiencing the ocean for the first time. But we are hoping that this is indeed a "babymoon" and we'll get to bring him to the coast very soon.....and then we'll probably think "look at all those couples on the beach, sleeping and relaxing, remember that use to be us?" As we dig the sand out of our bums and wipe sunscreen out of a cranky Charlie's eyes. We'll gladly trade lazy days for toddler chasing marathons!
Downtown Myrtle Beach


  1. I am so glad that you were able to get away and chill! You deserve a break & also an adorable little boy to play with on your next beach get away!

  2. Sarah and Chad so glad you both can get away and just relax after all these crazy months in your life. I think about you every day waiting for your little Charlie to come home.

  3. My wife and I just read this post and decided that you guys are living our life or we are living yours. We did the exact same thing at Carolina Beach about a month ago. Glad you had your last vacation with just the two of you. Now let's bring on the babies for all of us!!!!! - Lance Sims