Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ode to Tar'get

"On the road again" Bean Bag Chair
Oh Tar'get how I heart thee,
Let me count the ways....
You fill my restless heart with retail therapy.
You do not empty my bank account,
Your red clearance stickers send my heart a flutter.
If I cannot find you at the store, I can go .com and get your free shipping.
If you were not in my life I would cry and have to go to the dreaded Wally.
It's no wonder your logo is a bullseye, you are always on Target!
Skip-Hop "Moby" Faucet cover

Aquatopia bath kneeling pad


  1. I love the Aquatopia kneeling pad, that is a item that I bet will really come in handy. I think I might pick one up my knees are trashed from years of running.

  2. I found your blog via the Weldie's... I love this, I think we'll have to invest in one of these to save our knees during bath time... We have three kiddos with two more on the way from Ethiopia! Hope you get a court date soon!