Sunday, October 30, 2011

Conversations with Charlie

Charlie's new favorite phrase? "What you doing, Mama?"
Facebook ain't got nothin' on my kid. I update my status at least 300 times a day.
"What you doing, Mama?"
"I'm folding clothes, baby"
(Three second pause)
"What you do now?"
"Yup...still folding clothes"

So today, seeing where this conversation was heading, I thought I would one up him.
Charlie: "What you doing, Mama?"
Mama: "I'm driving us to church buddy"
(Three second pause)
Charlie: "What..."
Mama: (Interrupting) "Hey, What YOU doing Charlie?"
Charlie: (Taking a moment and then busting out a big smile) "I ASKING WHAT MAMA DOING"
Touche, Charlie. Touche. 


  1. Man this cracked me up! Good one Charlie!!

  2. I am going to teach him.....Mama, when are you going to take me to Baba's????

  3. Too funny, touche Charlie! I need to try that one on william, he's also always asking, "What doing Mom?"