Saturday, October 15, 2011


Funny. I guess when you take a room (originally and ironically a nursery when we moved into this house...) and turn it into an office/daytime dog kennel because you don't have kids. Then have a kid and turn it into an office/play room. Then, when preparing for a second child turn it back exclusively into a nursery again. This room has had more looks than Cher and Chaz Bono combined. I am really happy with the way everything turned out!
Charlie has the robot on his door and we suppose Jack needs
something to rattle and slam when he walks in and out of
his room too. That and it's a good warning when you hear
the rattle, you know you are about to be woken up from
your peaceful slumber :)

I put this together myself! Just don't look to closely
to the front. I accidentally nailed the back onto the
front. Darn you Ikea instructions.

The crib lives again!
LOVE! This Firetruck print by NoJo. I had to have it! And
it matches the consignment sale chair. Bonus.We left the
cute license plates and book shelf up, cause it's cute
and it would have left giant holes in the wall.

I made these! 

Check out the tire toybox! Craigslist, how I
heart thee...

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  1. So fun! Man I wish we had an ikea closer. What's the time line on this little guy?