Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, the clothes are washed, the room is ready. I am starting on the 10 million thank you cards I have to write, other than that it's just waiting, waiting, waiting...
Something you would think we would be good at by this point.
We're not.
Birthmom calls or texts and I jump out of my skin. I need to think of a better name than birthmom, at least for blogging purposes. It sounds so...formal. Something we really aren't. I could abbreviate it. BM. Oh wait, that's gross. She calls me "Baby Mama" which is so funny to me, so I can't call her that. I think I'll call her gift giver. Does that sound hokey?
I wanted to check in with you, I feel like I haven't blogged in forever...I feel like this is such an important time, I should have a lot to say but I really don't have much important to say.
I am so wrapped up in baby gear- it's like my cryptonite. I am fighting the urge to have a 36 picture post of all the awesome things we received or bought. ITS.JUST.SO.CUTE.
So what am I currently fixated on? Even though Jack won't be eating solid food spring, I am in the market for a baby food maker (one that steams and chops in the same bowl) Does anyone have any experience with these? I would love a weigh in and I know if I put it on Facebook, my non-baby friends will have a hayday with the comment section. Anyway, I am up for suggestions.
Because all I doing is waiting.
And writing thank you notes.
And working full time.
And chasing around a 3 year old.
And cooking, cleaning, and wife-ing. :)
And thinking of ways to get the mylar balloons off the vaulted ceiling (other than knife throwing, which Chad vetoed.) 


  1. Sorry, can't help with that. We used a steam basket and a food processor and ice cube trays. One big day of cooking and I was good for a month with a freezer stocked for my kiddos. Not a bad plan if you don't find what you need. :o)

  2. Beaba baby cook..... LOVED mine, still use it to steam veggies for Hannah.

  3. Baby bullet worked for us. You can make all your own baby food and save a fortune (I know you will like that idea) Buy a bunch of carrots and make gobs of fresh baby food. It even has a little date setter on the jars so you can remember how fresh it is. As far as the balloons go... Here is how we did it at the church for a birthday party with those tall ceilings. Get another mylar or regular helium balloon and put lots and lots of doubled rolled duct tape all over it. Then attach a very long string and go to town "catching" all those balloons stuck on the ceiling. Worked like a charm. Otherwise they will be there for weeks. haha! Good Luck Sarah.... patiently waiting for the big news too. Love, Shawn