Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sorry I didn't send you a card this year, I've been a little pre-occupied as you can imagine. But I was thinking about you all day, mostly about how great a grandpa you will be. I just take the idea of what a great dad you were (and still are to me) and then multiply that by 100 of what a great poppy you will be.
I know you are excited to have our little fellow in our lives. I can't wait for him to do all the things we loved doing together- playing in the shop, camping, building fire squirrels and soap box cars, rock tumbling, and general adventure seeking activities.
You mean so much to me. I wish we weren't so far apart, but you are always close to my heart! That rhymed (just pretend it was your card!)
I love you so much!


  1. You were a dream come true for your Daddy. He has always been so proud of you and loved doing "DADDY" things with you. He would have jumped through rings of fire for you, and prays for you daily. He is so excited to become "Poppy" to your little one. Everything he does he says "Soon we can do this with our Grandson". He will be one lucky little boy!!!!
    I love you & your Daddy with all my heart, Momma

  2. Parental Units, your post just made me cry :) What a wonderful family baby Deetz has!