Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Since my brain only works in "lists" these days I will continue in list format:

Good News

1- Got our VISA'S TODAY!!! Yipeee! Technically we have everything we need to get to Russia. My name looks funny in Russian.
2-Last minute details meeting with our case manager went really well. Made yet another list of things I didn't think of to do (ie call bank and tell them we are going to be in another country so they don't think we've been thieved!)I felt confident at what we had already accomplished and anticipated (mucho thanks Kate and other dear people that have paved the way for us in Pskov!)
3-Had a really wonderful time of prayer tonight with our church family. Talked to about 25 people in particular to pray ESPECIALLY HARD from 5:52 Saturday until 6:15ish when we are taking off. THAT IS THE WORST PART!
4-Made a really cute, soft picture album for Baby S to leave with him. I wrote a note in Russian using my "Russian for adoptive families" workbook. It looks good! I hope it says "I love you so much. We are so happy to be your family! We'll be back as soon as we can. Love, Mama and Poppa" I am going to show it to our translator to make sure it doesn't say something like "we can't wait to eat you" or something like that.
5-Feeling really good about what I'm planning on taking. I think it's reasonable. I am going to try to scale it down a little more. I am not there to make a fashion statement. It's too cold for that!
6-All of our court documents are ready to go (Apostilled) and be hand delivered. We also get to hand carry two other families documents with us to save them time getting things to Pskov! Isn't that cool???

Bad News
1- Did a trial run of my "happy pills" last night. I felt exactly the same. They did not turn me into the drooling, groggy, mellow person I hoped for. Took it at 8:25. Waited, waited, waited. Watched tv for hours. Felt EXACTLY the same. Started to get actually angry that I was not in my happy place. I was so disappointed. I am going to call the doctor and ask him if I can up the dose a little. (Now I don't want y'all to think I'm some sorta druggie or something! I don't even like taking Tylenol! So I was really thinking my "anti-drug" body would really react to medication, it failed miserably. I am actually more exhausted tonight. Ugh.
2- Our fresh, unmarked bills DID NOT COME IN ON TUESDAY! Bank girl called me personally Monday night and PROMISED they would be in tomorrow morning. I do not want to make a scene at the bank if they are not in tomorrow, but that is not beneath me.
3-House is an absolute mess.
4-I have to get on a plane soon. With pills that are obviously faulty.


  1. Been wondering about you two and how the trip prep was going... ooooooooooh you are leaving so soon! Yipee!

  2. Great news on all fronts!!! I'm so excited for you all and can't wait to hear how things go!! Having all of your court documents ready to go will really pay off - I promise! Good luck on your trip and enjoy the memories are making.

  3. Maybe you can take Ambien, so it makes you sleep for most of the plane ride? It might actually help to get adjusted to the time. Be prepared that time zone change can be rough. So excited for you and all your prep! I hope the fresh unmarked bills come in today too!

  4. Heads up--because I didn't know this until Expedia e-mailed me today:

    Several airlines are starting to charge for EACH checked bag!! AND they're charging for meals and seat selection, too.

    Criminey. Don't they WANT people to fly?

    You'll be great. Don't worry. Really. Praying for angels to hold up the wings of your plane.

  5. My head is spinning with excitment, I can't imagine yours. But, my baby girl has always landed on her feet and on top of the heap! You make me so proud! I love you, Momma

  6. Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to say best of luck. My husband and I just submitted our dossier so will be closely following your story. I hate flying too...but you'll be fine! Call your doc and get that script adjusted :).


  7. Excited for you! Best wishes for safe & easy travels there and back! We're leaving on the 24th for our court trip. Send me an email if you'd like to follow along. Good Luck!

  8. If you can't get a new Rx can you take two? ;>

  9. I too had to take happy pill Xanax!!!! It did the trick