Sunday, March 14, 2010

So here's where we are.....

Stuff that's done
1-Plane Tickets bought.
2-Transportation arranged to and from airport.
3-Visas arriving by Thursday. Yikes.
4-New money being picked up on Tuesday.
5-Court documents completed for hand delivery during first trip.
6-Clothes laid out in some semi-organized fashion.
7-Small Gifts for S have been purchased.
8-Starting on docs that expire prior to reasonable anticipated court date.
9-Found pocket translation book, travel book, and "Russian for Adoptive Families" CD and book. (I say that because its incredibly difficult to locate things you bought a year ago)
10-Bought necessary travel items- Converter, tiny hairdryer, Extra camcorder battery and DVDs. And this super tiny iron. It may take me an hour to iron one shirt, but darn it, we will not be wrinkled!

Not-so-good, yet
1-Missing suitcase. How does that happen?
2-Unable to find solid-colored black winter hat in any store. (Finding a bathing suit, however, would not be an issue, despite it being 40 degrees outside, stores all look like were ready for a beach party)
3-Trying to lighten up the suitcase FULL of orphanage items I've been collecting for a year. Should we just ship it? Should we just man up and have to lug three suitcases? Should I just pack less stuff? Split it between trips?
4- Trying to get a handle on work since I will be gone next week.
5-Trying to get the house in some sort of clean, working order. Yeah right.
6-Go get the happy pill prescription filled that the doctor gave me so that I don't give Chad bruises on his arms while flying or make other passengers scared/angry about my absolute terror of being on a plane.

Things that need your prayers because they are making me hyper ventilate.
1-Our home study is expiring on May 27th and some other documents that need to be signed off on by "she-who-must-not-be-named" are expiring even sooner than that. We are still up in the air about how we are going to juggle this one. Waiting to hear from agency if there is a better solution.
2-Confusion about some documents. I am trying to be proactive and not use the approach "we'll wait until someone tells us it isn't right/is expired" and trying to get a jump on these things and do them now since we are going to Columbia on Tuesday anyway to Apostille our court documents.
3-Freaking out about how much money we are spending right now.
4-REALLY freaking out about how much money we are going to spend NEXT TIME. Yikes.
5-That nothing (aka Visas) are held up and send me into a tizzie. I feel one coming on.
6-Flying. Ugh.


  1. Just remember that adoption is one of the closest things to the heart of God, my friend. Adopting His children is His will. And the safest place that you can ever be is IN God's will. (That's to help with your fear of flying :) He will keep you safe.

  2. Definately get the happy pills . . . they help:->

  3. Breathe....Pray...Enjoy the moment.
    In the end only the good stuff matters!

  4. Congratulations Sarah and Chad!!! We are so happy for you guys!! We'll be praying!! I remember making those lists after lists and the anxious joy of preparations like it was just yesterday!! Many blessings and much love,
    Jen and Jesse

  5. I was thinking of all the plans, prep-time, wondering & waiting. Then, a verse from Proverbs 16:9 was on the radio today & I thought of says
    "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines His steps. I love you & will be praying that your trip to meet the little man will go smoothly. Momma

  6. Hey guys,

    Good luck on your upcoming trip. My wife and I are waiting for our 'call' to Pskov. We can't wait to hear all about how your trip goes.

  7. Take three suitcases. Take one that's ratty and leave it there or take one you can pack inside the rest on the way back.

    On your pick-up trip, you'll have so much to bring for your little person. It's amazing how much STUFF you cart around!

    (Or, if court and p/u are going to be separate trips, that would be a good time to bring stuff.)

    Will keep praying!

  8. I just got my computer back (it crashed) and I am SO happy to hear your wonderful news. I know your head is spinning...but isn't it wonderful???? I know you wouldn't have it any other way.

    I will be praying for you ...all 3 of you on this trip. He sounds like a little doll.