Thursday, July 8, 2010

He said...She said....

Chad and I were hanging out in Toys-R-Us on Saturday (I know.....we just can't help ourselves) We were planning on getting Charlie the BBQ grill left on our registry, but then we saw the RETRO DINER! Groovy, right? The best part was it was 50% off and then you got an additional 25% off all clearance items. And that's when the "discussion" started.
He said:  Do boys play with kitchens?
She said:  First, it's not a kitchen, it is a DINER and there is a difference. Then I reminded him of all the great chefs on TV, most of which are MEN. 
He said: I didn't have a kitchen.
Then he said: It's $27 more than the grill.
BUT then she said: Well I made a lot of money making cookies this week (my side biz). AND it comes with 25 pieces of food, where if we bought the grill (the sad tiny little grill) it only comes with 10 pieces of food and we would end up spending just as much on extra food. (And that cute little chefs hat)
He said: It looks big. Where are we going to put it?
She said: I'll find a place.
He said: ok, fine, lets get it
She said: You don't want it. Let's not get it.
He said: I DO want it because you want it, so lets get it.
She said: I can tell you don't want it.
She said: ITS A DINER.
So we left the store. No grill, no diner. Chad had some work to do at the church so he dropped me off, diner-less at the house. I was cooking dinner (in the KITCHEN) and in comes Chad with the diner.
He said: I wanted to get you and Charlie the kitchen because I knew it would make both of you happy.
She said: Its a diner, and WE LOVE IT!
So after a lovely meal we assembled the diner complete with sizzling stove top, bubbling coffee pot, working jukebox, and a service bell. And they lived happily ever after....


  1. Boys do play kitchen! I teach kindergarten and boys always want to choose the housekeeping/kitchen area. The diner looks so fun. Hours of entertainment...priceless.

  2. That was so funny to read... very clever! BTW- It IS a diner. :-)


  3. I love it! Yes, boys play with kitchens!

  4. It's a adorable!!!! I always joke that I plant the seed, water it and tend to it. Then my hubby thinks it is his idea :)

  5. That is a hilarious conversation. I could soooo see my husband and I having that same discussion with the exact same outcome! The diner is so cool. I have not seen it before and am sure Charlie will love it!

  6. I love that Chad loves you and Charlie enough to buy the kitchen, I mean diner! It is sooooo cute!

  7. LOVE IT....both the story and the diner!

  8. Ya gotta know how to cook to survive (well, at least a little- sometimes Mickey D's runs our of buns or something link that). hehe~ Great choice. . .wonder if my Toys R Us has this. . . .

  9. Hilarious! And yes boys play with kitchens!!!! My son loves his!