Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Third Trimester

Before this post, here are some blog posts of days gone by that you may enjoy for a walk down memory lane...
Our First Trimester
Our Second Trimester
And now.... onto the third.
So here we are, 300 posts into this journey. And STILL WAITING. But, I think we are on the home stretch. Though I've often felt when it comes to adoption but you should think of the "worst case scenario" and then add two months. We thought worst case scenario we would be back in Russia by June. Now, four months after meeting the love of our lives, we are trying to wait with grace. It's a difficult road, that's for sure. I never imagined that this part of our journey would be like having your heart ripped from your chest and leaving it in a foreign country, walking around outside your body. It has not only been a mental challenge, but a physical and spiritual challenge as well. I would like to think I could have handled this all a lot better if it weren't for the particular circumstances that we have run up against with the friction and uncertainty set into motion by this adoption crisis.
So, here we are. Our third trimester. Hopefully, in August (when our Judge returns from vacation) we'll just go ahead and put this incredibly long paper pregnancy to rest. We are LONG overdue.


  1. Adoption can be the longest pregnancy, labor and delivery ever!!!! Ours took 3 years 2 months! Hang in there. I know the waiting can be so consuming of all your energy. Every thought, every plan, etc. You'll get there!!!

  2. You are showing so much strength during the wait... I can't imagine how frustrated and sad you must be. So happy to hear there is movement in your region! Rooting for August to hurry up and get here so your judge can give you a court date!

    Thought of you & your Charlie when I saw this cute series of robot clocks...

  3. Is there a 6th or 7th trimester? Guess it wouldn't be called "tri"mesters then, huh? I just keep saying......Its gonna be SOON.....holding onto hope for us both :o)

  4. Home stretch, for sure! Praying for your waiting-grace, as I can only imagine is a difficult thing to grasp on to at times. Like putting on the armour of God, it's something that I'm sure needs to be put on each morning.

  5. Just remember that on your long journey there are many people that love you & support you. Waiting is painful but the reward will be wonderful. I will always be there for you and love you more than you will ever know. Charlie will be in your arms soon.