Friday, July 30, 2010


Things we know.....

1-Last week the 4th round of adoption talks between the U.S. and Russia went well and the "text" of the actual agreement has been written but not signed. The agreement has the backing of President Obama and President Medvedev which issued a joint statement on June 24th.
2-The D.O.E. in Pskov have started processing new families and setting up "first trips" for families to meet their referrals
3- Our Judge returns to work this Monday morning! (AUGUST 2ND!)
4- Our facilitator in Russia is meeting with the Judge on Monday morning to try to push our case again as "we are her #1 priority"

Things we don't know.....

1- Is she willing to schedule Court case despite the agreement not being signed?
2- Is she willing to schedule US for court? (Case manager says "NOT to get your hopes up, BUT IF she gives the ok then we should be heard by the end of August.)

What we are certain of....

1- God is in control
2- I still feel like a nervous wreck
3- Monday CANNOT come soon enough.

We should know something by Monday afternoon, the suspense is killing me! Please keep us in your prayers that we starting moving in the right direction to bring Charlie home.


  1. We are fervently praying that the judge will have a change of heart and that she will feel confident in going ahead and scheduling court dates. Waiting is hard... I know that God can see the whole picture, but you are human (just as I am) and I know you are longing to hold Charlie in your arms and bring him home! Praying that will happen for you soon!!

  2. praying, praying, praying....this is definitely the 'labor' part for you. sending an epidural prayer your way! ;)

  3. I am praying for a quick court date & that you will be holding Charlie in your arms really soon! Hugs & kisses for the wait and know that I love you so much it hurts!! P.S. I love the epidural prayer thought!

  4. Sarah, you are in my prayers . . . hoping your facilitator gets some good news for you tomorrow from the judge!

    Thank you for keeping yur blog up and running, and opening up yourself through it. I'm sure it has made a difference in many peoples' lives!

  5. I've been stalking you via blogger roll all day...I hope you hear some great news today honey!!!